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ID No. (D0709SS10541) DURATION OF THE PROJECT (1st April to 31st May)




ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to convey my sincere thanks to AMRIT BANASPATI COMPANY LIMITED. for providing me an opportunity to work on this project. The project would not have been completed without the mention of those, who have spared there valuable time and shared experience in making this project successful A special thanks Mr. Parshant Mohan in particular for assigning me this topic and encouraging me to write in the first place. I owe much to Mr. Parshant Mohan for his helpful comments. I thank him for his unending support and encouragement and cooperation without which it would have been difficult for me to complete my project endeavor. I am indebted to all those who have been helpful throughout the process of writing this report but as the clich goes, I am solely responsible for any remaining errors of fact and judgement.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis project was undertaken to know about the complete Sales Structure and to know the Market Share of GINNI Refined oils with its competitors. The methodology used to complete project was personal interview of around 120 retailers through a structured questionnaire. Along with this I even gathered data from Companys website and also went through the annual report of the company to know the sales volume and operating margins that they have. I also collected data from companys personnel, to study the channel and sales structure. ABCL (Amrit Banaspati Company Limited) has a very different sales structure which has been discussed in the following pages. In this project I went through all the details of channel structure & also I tried to know the market share of GINNI with its competitors. All the demands of consumer are taken care by Companys Depot, Dealers and Retailers. The Company allows a 4% profit margin to their dealers/distributors. They also promote their goods through various promotional activities.ABC has a safety stock plans which never allow a company to be in shortfall stage of any product. The company in advance, keeps the blank cheques from the dealers/distributors and asks for DD from the new joining in the structure. They never allow any credit facility to any of the channel members. The payment depends upon the transportation time of the order. The moment the delivery of order is made the advance cheques are filled up with the required amount and are deposited in the bank for clearance. DD are also been taken from such dealers/distributor whose cheque gets bounce or the dealers economic condition is not good as a penalty or safety reasons. Company takes a great care in choosing its channel members. It has a set standard and criteria for selecting its cannel members. Every channel member has to follow set of norms which are the conduct guidelines for these channel members. They have to strictly stay with these norms and any violence leads to blacklisting of the distributor. The channel members are thus the most efficient persons who maintain a fine communication link between the company and the end channel members. They from time to time keeps both the side informing about the latest happenings and thus always support the scope of improvement on either side.


After under going through this project I also came to know, more than 50 lakhs tones of oil seeds are being imported in INDIA. In INDIA the production of oil seeds is not up to the demand. So INDIA per year imports more than 50 lakhs of tones of oil seeds to sufficient the consumers demand. Being such an important part of sales structure the importance of distributor is still neglected. The kind of treatment offered to the distributor from company and retailer both is not appropriate. The company where neglect their distributors welfare by making strict norms and not providing credit facility to the distributor the retailers on other hand treats the sales person in an inhuman and unjust way. Thus it is a matter of consideration for both the company and retailers and duty also to improve upon their conduct in this regard. With such an efficient sales structure, company has done well in the recent past. With a huge turnover the companys success and growth has always been favored. The company is the ruler of its field with a maximum market share in its large product range. Company no doubt is the best company in terms of vast product range and services to the customer. But the incentives which are being offered to their distributors are less in comparison to the type of services which they are offering to the company and its customer. So if company can revise its incentive policy then this will certainly be a boosting factor for the distributor which will ultimately prove beneficial for the company with respect to its increase sales and turnover. Company can also increase its promotion programmes for diversified product range so that many of its brand which still do not have a market monopoly can gain such status and take the company to best of its time which it has never seen before. By doing this they can improve their market share and can work upon it.



Executive Summary Acknowledgement 1. Research Methodology 2. Companys profile 3. Product Range 4. Findings 5. Analysis of the Questionnaire 6. Conclusion 7. Recommendation 8. Bibliography 9. Annexure (7) (9) (19) (23) (30) (41) (42) (43) (44)


RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGYPrimary sourceThe Data was collected from Name 1. Mr. Prashant Mohan Phone No. E Mail ID +919316677315 Territory Sales Officer Rohtak (Haryana) Designation Marketing Manager Rajpura (Punjab)

2. Mr. Janak Raj Lekhi Phone No. +919355613464 +919996206030

Secondary SourceCompany Web site All the minor findings are from the company website only. The company profile as well as the product range is being captured from


DATA COLLECTION TOOLS1. STRUCTURED QUESTIONNAIRE Under this collection tool I prepared a questionnaire to study the complete sales pattern and market share being captured by of the company. I had questionnaires for the Retailers and one for the company personnel. These questions were put in front of the Retailers and then there views were taken. They were then asked for any recommendation for any of the following brand mentioned. Whole views were taken and then analyzed.

2. PERSONAL INTERVIEW Under this collection tool I even asked some of the subject related questions which were not mentioned in the questionnaire but were important from information point of view at different occasions from the Retailers and whole seller as well as the company personnel.

3. TELEPHONIC CONVERSATION WITH COMPANY PERSONNEL At various instances some data were collected through telephonic conversation from company personnel. These were very small but relevant including the total cost invested in the different fronts of sales and many other such data.





The story of AMRIT BANASPATI CO. LTD can be best described as an enterprise that has evolved from its humble beginning to a multidimensional group. Learning, adapting and growing steadily. Imbibing new technologies and exploring new horizons. It is an enterprise that has gone beyond its boundaries to meet its commitment towards the community and the environment at large. It is the group that has lived upto its name Amrit, Symbolizing purity PURPOSE OF PURITY, ACTION AND ACHIEVEMANT It all began with the establishment of AMRIT BANASPATI CO.LTD. in the year 1940, to manufacture hydrogenated vegetable oils, more commonly known as Vanaspati ghee. The first unit was commissioned in 1941 at Ghaziabad near Delhi. ABC is today one of the largest manufacturer of edible oil in the country. GAGAN is the largest selling brand and names like GINNI and MERRIGOLD are virtually household names in many parts of the country.

The main companies of1.





AMRIT GROUP conducts its business in a way: Innovatively, Professionally and Aggressively.

AMRIT BANASPATI COMPANY LIMITEDThis unit of the company was put up in the year 1969-70 with a manufacturing capacity of 100 MT per day of Vanaspati. Later on, in the year 1982-83 capacity was increased to 125 MT per day. There after in the year 1985-86 a separate facility to produce Refined Oils was set up with a capacity of 60 MT per day .Now this unit is manufacturing around 250 MT of Vanaspati per day mainly in small packs under the name of GAGAN, which is well known and accepted brand in northern India in refined oils the company is producing a 100 MT per day. Today this unit has installed capacity of 11,000 MT per month as compared to mere 3000 MT per month in its first year of operations. There are 6 kinds of refined oils being produced to service every need & segment of market. 1. GINNI REFINED GROUNDNUT OIL. 2. GINNI REFINED COTTONSEED OIL. 3. GINNI GOLD REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL. 5. GINNI REFINED RICEBRAN OIL. 6. GINNI REFINED SOYABEAN OIL The company has introduced another product GAGAN KACHI GHANI. & MERRIGOLD TABLE MARGARINE to suit today lifestyle & need. Since its introduction this product is fast receiving acceptance with the consumer. Other products

12 in the companys basket include Bakery Shortening named AMRIT, AERATED and GOLDEN ARROW. The company has its own R&D facility where the company keeps improving the processes needed for oil proces


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