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TVI Express Financial Freedom: Touching Lives Globally


  • 1. Who We Are? We are an International Direct Selling Company having Alliances and Channel partners all across the World. Headquartered in London, UK we are one of the fastest growing Companies in the Network Marketing Industry today and are creating waves with our superb and revolutionary line of products meshed with a Global Business Opportunity. Our turnkey Business system is the finest in the industry which has beenacclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe.

2. Global HeadquartersTravel Ventures InternationalMarble Arch Tower 55 Bryanston StreetLondon W1H 7AJPhone : +44-2032899918 Offices coming soon in Australia, India, USA, Nigeria and Russia 3. Our Vision To be the No. 1 Global e-Commerce Company by providing Opportunities, instilling Leadership, Creating Millionaires and touching a Billion Hearts Our Mission To inspire people to help others making a positive change in their lives One World, One Vision, One Family! 4. OUR GAME PLAN Go Diamond!The first milestone, formula for Financial Independence To build the largest and strongest Associate Workforce in the World by training and educating our Associates from all over the world have basic understanding of how it works and have them follow some simple steps, over a consistent period of time. 5. CompanyFinancial Backing TVI Express is funded by a prestigious UK based Business group having manysuccessful Businesses in and outside the UK.Travel Ventures International is a pioneering effort of a successful team of Entrepreneurs having rich and diverse experience in many industries including Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Information Technology, Corporate Training with core experience in Network Marketing 6. The ThreeMegatrends TVI has combined the three most growing and popular trends today to form aBusiness concept which leverages the power of each one of themTravel and Tourism The Internet The Home Based Business Phenomenon 7. The Home Based Business Phenomenon Home Based Business is a $427 Billion an year Industry Almost 83% of people are exhausted with the daily grind of the Corporate rat race According to The Success Factory International, "America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation.. the home based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down. There are more self made millionaires created, both on and offline, in the HBB industry than any other. The use of Technology, the internet, etc., allows home based businesses to work in concert with other entities without the need for daily face-to-face interaction 8. The Home Based Business Phenomenon Over 60% of new businesses are now started from home - equal to over 1,400 new businesses each week. Of all the Home Based Businesses available today, Network Marketing is the most dominant Business Model Network Marketing is a vibrant industry offering employment to over 43 million people worldwide with a turnover exceeding $75 billion in worldwide sales Network marketing is taught at Harvard and Stanford business schools and in numerous other leading colleges and universities throughout the world 9. InternetGrowth Internet is moving with such a bottleneck speed that if we close our eyes for a second, we might miss the greatest Opportunity that will ever come to us.350,000 /Day350 300 250 200 150 10050 01998 1999 2000 2001 200320052008 10. One Life is not enough to become a globetrotter. There is so much to see, feel and live in different parts of the globe. We prepare a platform for you to take the first step to a whole new world of opportunities, luxury, travel and financial freedom. 11. Products and ServicesUniversal AppealFirst to introduce Free Holidays and Flights Concept *New Category CreatorVarious Ongoing PromotionsInfinite scope for extensionsTrue Value of Money 12. Unlimited World Class Holidays, Vacations in Exotic locations of the World, and thousands of Dollars to spend!You can live your dream life with TVIs Travel and Earn Opportunity 13. What Do You Receive when you become a Distributor6 Nights/7 Days Vacation in one of the 5 star Hotels/Resorts across the worldFree return flight ticket*Discounts on various travel deals including: Flight Tickets Hotel DealsCruise Tickets Last Minute AttractionsCar RentalsTravel Insuranceand much more... 14. What Do You Receive when you become a Distributor Lifetime access to our upcomingpromotional deals and programs Free Club TVI Membership worth $900 VIP Access to our Members only forum Virtual Office to manage your BusinessAnd Much More 15. Our Channel Partners 16. PACKAGE PRICINGHow much are these worth?Valued at thousands of dollars, TVIs unrivalled Travel and Earn Package is available to youfor only $ 250And thats not all.. TVI also provides you a Global Business Opportunity to create a solid income pipeline for yourself and your family generating thousands of dollars rolling your way every single week. Read on to know further... 17. Distribution and Leadershipin over 50 Countries 18. For those of you who are interested in supplementing your income by telling others about TVIs product and services, please continue withthe PowerPoint Presentation to learn more about the TVI ExpressBusiness Opportunity. 19. Todays Reality Total credit card debt grew to $802* billionfrom $237* billion between 1990 and 20051 Most people are living paycheck to paycheck Many people work four to six months a yearjust to pay taxes1 Government Accountability Office, Sept. 2006.* U.S. Dollars Countless number of people lie awake atDo you have enough quality time for yourself, night worrying aboutfamily, and friends? money-related issuesCan you afford the lifestyle you want?What Is Your Financial Reality? 20. Network Marketing Has Come of Age 58 million people are involved in network marketing worldwide1 The network marketing industry has surpassed $100 billion in retail revenue1 North American sales have reached over $34 billion dollars21. 2. I think network marketing has come of age. Its become undeniable that its a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.-Dr. Stephen R. CoveyInterview in Network marketing Lifestyles 21. What Those That Know Network Marketing Are Saying! Network Marketers"Network Marketing is Network Marketing: are creating The Perfect Business forthe industry forFORTUNES at the average person to people who want to breakneck speeds!create wealth."change their lives 22. The Best kept secret in the Business world... Network Marketing!FORTUNE is a Global Business Magazine published by Time Inc.'s Money Group From 2006 to 2016, there will be 10 Million new Millionaires in the U.S. alone, more than double the last decade...many will be from the Direct Selling Industry! Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned Economist, and the author of eight best-selling books and dozens of scholarly publications 23. The Best Investment I ever madeWarren owns 51 Businesses today, 3 of which are Network Marketing CompaniesWarren Buffet - Billionaire Investor and the Richest person in the World! Your industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives and, to me that is the heart of the American dreamBill Clinton Former US President 24. "If you really want to learn how to be rich, you must begin to know and understand the power found in networks. The Richest People in the world Build Networks."Robert Kiyosaki Best Selling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and many other internationally acclaimed titles If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!Donald Trump Globally renowned property mogul and a multi billionaire 25. How Do You Earn Money? We Offer one of the Strongest Compensations plans in the industry with Multiple Ways to Earn Weekly and Monthly Income! 26. 1. Revolving Matrix2. Residual Income3. Power Pool4. Incentives 27. 1Revolving MatrixAll Team members make their way to the top of Compensation plan through Revolving Matrix system which makes you earn US $15,000 over and over again. This system ensures your success and helps you to capitalize on the efforts of all team members present in the boards. The system consists of following two boards :2. Traveller Board3. Express BoardHeres how it works 28. Traveller BoardWhen you join TVI Express, you get a position at Level1 of the Traveller Board and as the board fills, it breaks into two sub- boards, giving you an uplift to the next level. There are 4 levels in each board, and members are pushed up from level 1 to level 4 with a Combined effort finally exiting to Express Board. Its the only plan in the world, where all teams work together as one single entity and help each other make their way to different ranks included in the Compensation Plan. When you exit Traveller board, you earn a $250 commission and an eVoucher worth $250, which accounts to a total benefit of $500 (double your investment). The board splits when all positions on the board are filled. All that is required for you to qualify is sponsor just two people. Traveller Board Payout : $500 29. Traveller Board When the board fills up, Level 4 position moves to Express Board and earns a startup bonus of $500 Level 4 Level 3 Level 3Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2Level 1Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1Level 1 Enter HereThe Board splits when all positions on the Traveller Board are filled up 30. Express Board When you cycle out of the Traveller board, you get a position at Level 1 of the Express board. Express board works exactly the same way as the Traveller Board, the only difference being that your level in the board raises when downlines come and fill up the Express board. New members cannot join the Express board directly. Your rank changes to Silver Associate as soon as you hit the Express Board.When the board fills up, it breaks into two sub-