finch beaks and natural selection by: johnny b. goode warbler finch

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  • Finch Beaks and Natural SelectionBy: Johnny B. GoodeWarbler Finch

  • Darwin and FinchesWhen Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands, he noticed many different types of finches on the different islandsHe came up with the idea that they came from the same ancestor and became new species through natural selection.Each island had different finches from the others

    Warbler Finch

  • The Finches of the GalapagosWoodpecker Finch

  • Experiments in the Galapagos1973 Peter and Rosemary Grant begin studies on natural selection and finches in the Galapagos islands, specifically Daphne Island1977 wet season did not occur, resulting in huge droughtMore than 1,000 finches died

    Medium Ground Finch (G.fortis)

  • Experiments in the Galapagos

    After drought, there were more big G.fortis finches than small ones

    Big finches can eat bigger seeds that small finches cantBeing more flexible with type of food allowed the big finches to survive after the small finches ran out of food

    Medium Ground Finch (G.fortis)

  • Result of Drought on Finch Beak SizeSmall Tree Finch

  • Genetics and Finch Beak SizeBefore the drought, there was a wide variety of beak sizes in G.fortis, including big beaks.After the drought, there were more big-beaked finches left, and they reproduced to create a generation of big-beaked finches.The finches with big beaks had genes that made them have big beaks and then their offspring had big beaks, too.Vegetarian Finch

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