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Presentation for Elmhurst College eventOctober 21, 2009


  • 1. + Finding Inspiration: Real Teachers and Students Transforming Teaching and Learning Lucy Gray
  • 2. + Where Do I Start ?!?!?
  • 3. + Enlist Help Consult on a regular basis with your building tech coach, tech coordinator, or curriculum specialist Find an online community or mentor. Illinois Computing Educators Classroom 2.0 Classroom 2.0 Live Webinar Calendar on Classroom 2.0 Live Site EdTechTalk Women of the Web 2.0
  • 4. + Examine Your Curriculum: Integration vs. Decoration * What concepts are difficult to teach? What are you most confident teaching? Least confident? What concepts need to presented in a more compelling way? What do you already doing that might fit well with technology? What can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time? How can you address both state standards and NETS standards? * Credit to Tom Woodward for this phrase!
  • 5. + Focus on One Project, One Tool Pick one thing and do it well. Gain confidence Consider using a tool that you can build on. Wikis, blogs Let kids see work of others who came before them. Expect kids to help. Create tech oriented jobs in your daily classroom job assignments. A student who maps geographic locations mentioned in class in Google Earth Create routines where technology is used on a daily basis. Interactive whiteboard calendar
  • 6. + Join a Project in Progress Consider a joining a project run by another teacher. Classroom 2.0 Global Education Collaborative Rock Our World Around the World with 80 Schools
  • 7. + Engage in Online Communities Visit blogs of people in the know Silvia Tolisano Langwitches Kim Cofino Always Learning Lisa Harrison Passionately Curious Jos Picardo Box of Tricks Will Richardson - Weblogged Explore the Classroom 2.0 community See the Enlist Help slide Start following people in Twitter. Click here to get started. Participate in the K12 Online Conference
  • 8. + Starting Points
  • 9. + Technology Integration Matrix
  • 10. + K12 Horizon Report
  • 11. + The School at Columbia Google Apps Social Network Constructivist
  • 12. 12 + 12
  • 13. + Lisa Parisi & Christine Southard I have moved from a teacher-directed classroom to a project-based learning classroom. My students are much more connected outside of the classroom and are much more willing to step outside their comfort zone to collaborate with others. Lisa Parisi
  • 14. + Wikis Time Zone Experiences Classroom Book Talk Mysteries of Harris Burdick Comparing Hemispheres Poetry Collaboration
  • 15. + Valerie Becker
  • 16. + Global Collaborations Global Learning Partners Where Are We? Who Are We? Laura Jernegan Whaling What a Wonderful World Learning About Whales
  • 17. + Karl Fisch
  • 18. + A Whole New Mind
  • 19. + This I Believe
  • 20. + Contact Information Email: Blog: Skype: elemenous iChat/AIM: elemenous Flickr/Delicious/Twitter etc: elemenous
  • 21. + Presentation Resources Slides can be found at: Links to resources mentioned can be found at:


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