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<ul><li> 1. Advertisement Project<br />Eni Asebiomo<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Repetition<br />Some companies use methods of advertising like repetition.<br />For example in the Head On commercial they repeat the name of the product many, many, many, many times.<br />Apply directly to the forehead!<br />Apply directly to the forehead!<br />Apply directly to the forehead!<br /> 3. Repetition<br />Oxi-Clean<br />Oxi-Clean<br />Oxi-Clean<br />Oxi-Clean<br />Oxi-Clean<br />OxiClean, Oxi-Clean blah blahblah!!!<br /> 4. Fear<br />Many insurance companies use techniques such a fear.<br />They make you feel unsafe so that you will buy their product.<br /> 5. Fear<br />Some companies try to install a sense of insecurity within you.<br />Are you in good hands?<br /> 6. Trademark<br />Some companies use logos and trademarks so that coolness or other attributes are associated with their logo.<br /> 7. Celebrity<br />Some companies use celebrities to advertise their product.<br />When someone sees their all-time hero using a Nike product they want to be just like them and use them and use Nike too.<br /> 8. Effects of Celebrity Advertising<br />Or this and this?<br />Would you rather buy this and this?<br /> 9. Price Appeal<br />Many companies use this method of advertisement to make things sound cheap or affordable.<br />It works very well because cost is a primary concern for consumers.<br /></p>