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  • 1. Advertisement Project
    Eni Asebiomo

2. Repetition
Some companies use methods of advertising like repetition.
For example in the Head On commercial they repeat the name of the product many, many, many, many times.
Apply directly to the forehead!
Apply directly to the forehead!
Apply directly to the forehead!
3. Repetition
OxiClean, Oxi-Clean blah blahblah!!!
4. Fear
Many insurance companies use techniques such a fear.
They make you feel unsafe so that you will buy their product.
5. Fear
Some companies try to install a sense of insecurity within you.
Are you in good hands?
6. Trademark
Some companies use logos and trademarks so that coolness or other attributes are associated with their logo.
7. Celebrity
Some companies use celebrities to advertise their product.
When someone sees their all-time hero using a Nike product they want to be just like them and use them and use Nike too.
8. Effects of Celebrity Advertising
Or this and this?
Would you rather buy this and this?
9. Price Appeal
Many companies use this method of advertisement to make things sound cheap or affordable.
It works very well because cost is a primary concern for consumers.