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  • 1. For this I used the razor tool instead of the crop tool so I could make changes I also put Kims voice over the footage by originally unlinking the sound and video, later I removed sound and added the prerecorded voice over . For this I also used the razor tool but kept the shots natural sound because it was interview. I put a title on this and I did this by using special effects on premier and put the person s name at the bottom of the screen and used a white stroke font so it stands out. Half way through this interview I put some B roll footage in the video 2 track and it is Dan on his phone with the mobile app up and then it goes back to the interview with Emma.
  • 2. For this I used the razor tool again to cut some footage out so I could make changes, I also used Kims voiceover to talk more about the mobile phone app. For this I didnt use the razor tool because it was an interview and just made it a bit faster and cut bits out that I didnt need, I used a special effect to write Mathew Grants name and what he is at the college and I used a white stroke to make it stand out but I made sure that it was only there for 5 seconds and all this was natural sound. For this final shot I cut out the panning and just kept the still shot of people walking across the zebra crossing and I used the razor tool for cropping.