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FIRST BAPTIST SEVIERVILLE | JULY 2011 Volume 54, No. 6 IN THIS ISSUE Price Tags... Challenges each one of us to not only worship at church but also become involved at church. Page 2 Music Camp Scott Andrews gives insight into the wonderful Music Camp program. Page 5 Reflections... Some of our youth share about their experience in Clarksdale, MS. Page 5 First Baptist Church of Sevierville’s Monthly Newsletter

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FBC monthly newsletter


Page 1: First Baptist Church Sevierville newsletter


Volume 54, No. 6


Price Tags...Challenges each one of us to not only worship at church but also become involved at church.

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Music CampScott Andrews gives insight into the wonderful Music Camp program.

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Reflections... Some of our youth share about their experience in Clarksdale, MS.

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First Baptist Church of Sevierville’s Monthly Newsletter

Page 2: First Baptist Church Sevierville newsletter

A Street Market Revelation Craig Mintz Associate Pastor: Discipleship/Young Adults The food had an exotic smell as vendors shouted sales pitches from their open-air booths. Women in traditional Islamic head coverings pushed their children in strollers while perusing the goods. Anti-American graffiti was painted on a wall nearby. The crowds were speaking one language. Billboards nearby used another language. Beggars waited with pleading eyes at the entrance to the subway. These sights and sounds assaulted my senses as I walked through a traditional Turkish street market in a major European city. This was where God had called me and my wife to serve for at least two years.

We hadn’t been there long and I remember feeling very overwhelmed. We were at the market that day to walk around and pray. We were seeking opportunities to engage the people there with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I knew God had called us to serve there, but I suddenly felt completely inadequate for the task. At that moment, God had me right where He wanted me. Questions and thoughts were rolling through my mind. Why would any of these people listen to me? We have so little in common. I can’t speak their language very well yet. Their false religion has completely hardened their hearts against the truth.

Then God gently reminded me that the work of salvation was His and He was asking me to trust Him step-by-step. Keep praying. Keep working on the language. Keep praying. Keep walking among the people. Keep praying. God reminded me that the power of prayer was to call upon God to do the work of opening their eyes and changing their hearts. It was amazing to see what God did when we simply asked Him. Opportunities arose. Relationships were formed. The Gospel was declared boldly.

We also knew that much of what God was doing was in response to an army of prayer warriors from the U.S. on their knees interceding regularly for us and the people of that city. Some of you reading this may have been some of those very people. Join God in the task of reaching the nations today by getting on your knees. Cry out to God daily for the salvation of the nations. Pray for those currently serving. Pray that God would raise up more workers for the harvest. Pray about how He wants you to

be involved.

There is an old axiom that says you get out of a thing what you put in it. The reason it has been around so long is that it is true. Corporate worship is a classic example. At the end of worship in every church in America, some people coming out can be heard to say, “I didn’t get anything out of the service.” Guess why.

Since retiring as a pastor, Trudy and I have visited many and varied churches. It is amazing the diversity there is in worship style. She has commented of every one, “I can worship anywhere.” I will have to admit she is more spiritual than I. There have been some where the style was so extreme I almost didn’t get anything out of it. The key is Trudy puts herself into worship by worshipping and not being preoccupied with style. Her preoccupation is with the One worshipped. Try it, you will like it.

The same is true of total church life. You have to put yourself into it. You must become involved. It is said that if a person does not plug in at least three places in a church they will soon exit. Often persons say, “I belong to ________ church.” Really? What does “belong to” involve? Commitment is the key word. Are you committed to regular worship, prayer support, Bible study, attendance at special events designed for your age, and giving financial support?

FBC Sevierville is a rare church. Part of what makes it special is the love for the Lord and one another. It is the product of God’s grace as invoked by the prayers of the members. It is the movement

Page 2 | First Baptist Church of Sevierville

Price Tags...of the Holy Spirit in response to the openness of the people to His guidance. The love expressed for the Lord and one another enhances everything about the church. Regardless of the extent of your involvement, it can be a better church if you step-up your commitment to serving the Lord in it.

The following is by one of my favorite authors, Anonymous. It is a worthy prayer. “Lord, free me from the pressure of doing great things in the world by being great in doing small things for You. Help me to persist even though I want to give up. Help me to keep trying even though I can’t see what good it does. Help me to keep praying although at times I’m not sure You hear me. Help me to keep living in a way that seeks to please You. Help me to know when to lead and when to follow. Help me to know when to speak and when to keep silent. Help me to know when to wait and when to act. Lord, please help me to hang on. Please don’t let me give up. Help me to remember that, like the sun in the morning, You come when it is time.”

Add to that prayer your own prayer for the church. Pray specifically for the Pastor Search Committee. Also pray for your staff.

Thanks for your loving support and many acts of kindness.

In Christ, Nelson Price

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UP 6th Grade WeekendApril 30th and May 1st

Sign up in Sunday Schoolor call the church office



Sonrise SeniorsTuesday, July 5th; 9:00 am/Parlor

Camp Read-A-LotJuly 6, 13, 27; August 3; 5:00 pm/FBC LibraryAges 4 thru 6th grade completed.

The PlungeJuly 6, 13, 27; August 3; 6:00 pmAge 4 go to preschool area. Kindergarten thru 6th grade completed go to Chapel. Also, there will be a Bible study for parents same dates as The Plunge from 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm.

Homes That Honor JesusWhether you’re newly married or trying to figure out how to raise your children, this summer Bible study will be a blessing to your home. Join us on Wednesday at 6:15 to 7:15 in E220 for a fun, interactive time of Bible study looking at how God’s Word impacts your home. (Don’t miss out on the door prizes!)

Children’s Church Sunday, July 10thK-3rd grade will meet in the Chapel, 8:15 & 10:45 services4th-6th grade will meet in the Fellowship Hall, 10:45 service only

Triple L LuncheonTuesday, July 12th; Noon/FLCBring a covered dish & a new toy for Christmas in July for the Christmas Store.Special Guest: Alex Houston & Elmer

Senior Adult One Day TripJuly 14th; Peach Orchard & Beacon Drive In Spartanburg, SCInformation sheets at Welcome Center or call Lisa in the Church Office 286-6980.

Youth Panama City TripJuly 10th-15th; $275 per personCompleted grades 7-12. You can sign up now in Sunday School, at Youth Night or by contacting Amanda in the church office, 286-6978.

Music Camp 2011 Presents “The Amazing Grace Race”July 18th-22nd; 9:00 am-12:00 pmPresentation July 24th at 6:30 pm in the Worship Center. For grades 1-6 completed.

CC&O Summer Rehearsal ScheduleJuly 20, 27; August 17,24,31Orchestra - 5:45 pm, Choir - 6:30pm

Upcoming Events

Special AnnouncementsOpportunity to ServePlease contact Tammy at 429-6304 if you are interested in working with the Children’s ministry or Special Friends ministry.

Team Exuma Mission TripOn June 25th, we’ll be taking our first team to the island of Great Exuma located in the Bahamas. While we are there, we will be working with Pastor Cedric Smith of Mt. Sinai Union Baptist Church. We will be conducting VBS, teaching evangelism and holding two evangelistic meetings. Please be praying for

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the team consisting of Kelsey Bailey, David & Sue Cobb, Chris & Kellye Kirby, Mark Martin, Dawn Perkins, Kristie Russell and Tammy Watson.

Online Giving & Event Registration Now Available Giving to First Baptist Church just got easier! Easily set up one-time or recurring contributions. Click on the E-Giving link on the FBC home page: You can also registered for upcoming events at the church. Click “Online Event Registration” from the FBC home page.

2 For 1 Pray Be a blessing, team up with someone for 1 hour a week to pray in our prayer room.

Summer in the PSALMSExplore the details surrounding the Psalms and how they apply to everyday life. Wednesday Night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting at 6pm in the FLC.


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Attendance Report 5/22/2011 5/29/2011 6/5/2011 6/12/2011 8:15am Worship 485 577 545 624 9:30am SS 1144 1120 1242 1254 10:45am Worship 1377 1021 1064 1138 6:30pm Worship 235 206 390 443

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• The following families wish to express their deep appreciation to the church for kindness shown during their recent loss:

Family of Sue Yoakum Family of Connie Ward

• The following families wish to express their appreciation for support from the church:

• Royce Bailey in the passing of his grandfather, Norman Creasy

• Marilyn Davenport in the passing of her sister, Ima Jean Smelcer

• Susan Moore in the passing of her father, Terrance Genes

• Wanda Stephens in the passing of her sister, Rhonda Kinner

• Jane Lambert in the passing of her brother-in-law, Paul Jones

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Page 5: First Baptist Church Sevierville newsletter

Music Camp 2011Scott Andrews Associate Pastor: Worship

How is your summer going...looking for something extra for your child to do that doesn’t cost anything but has heavenly significance? We have the very thing for them...and you! We want to invite every boy and girl from first graders through sixth graders (just completed) to join us for our 24th annual Music Camp. This year we are preparing and presenting the musical The Amazing Grace Race.

This is one of the biggest events of summer for us here at First Baptist and we cannot wait to spend time teaching boys and girls God’s truths and promises through the medium of music. Our Music Camp staff is dedicated to making sure your child has a wonderful experience. The boys and girls will be divided up by their age group with the fifth and sixth graders being together. Each grade level has a very capable team to lead these boys and girls. Your child’s welfare is upmost importance to us.

Page 5

Send questions or comments to [email protected]

I went to Clarksdale for the second time and I

would have to say both trips have been the best

experiences of my life. These kids are so

desperate for love and for someone to show that

they actually care about them. They hold on to

you as much as they can, I’m sure all of our backs

are still recovering from all of the back rides we

gave, but if it means to them someone cares I

know I’d do it over and over.

~Kelby Carr

Every time I’d go to church it always seemed that someone was asking me if I was going on the mission trip. It never mattered what my response was, they always replied with, “you really need to go, it’ll change your life forever.” I wasn’t sure if it would actually change my life or affect me the way it did. It was heart wrenching, that week I saw things ranging from a boy named “Man Man” whose shoes were way too small to a 19-year-old having to take care of his two nieces on his own. The way people in Clarksdale live in poverty, barely able to take care of themselves is

Again, there is no cost. We begin each Monday-Friday at 9:00am and conclude our day at Noon. We return on Sunday afternoon for an extra rehearsal, have a quick meal and then present the musical at 6:30pm. Every child will receive a music camp T-shirt and a blessing along with the joy of music and getting closer to our Lord.

We pray you will consider bringing your child. There are so many good things out there for our children to be a part of...nothing better than bringing them to God’s house and learning more about Him and how to live for and serve Him.

We hope to see your child at Music Camp 2011!! Church family. Be sure this event is on your calendar. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to support these boys and girls in their service to the King.

heartbreaking. I can’t explain how trying but rewarding it was to bring a bright spot into the lives of the people there. To share the story of Christ, how much God and our youth group loves them af-fected me and everyone who went on this trip. Not knowing how much the love we could give them permanently affected their lives is an incredible feeling. If anyone reading this has ever wondered if it’s worth the time or you’re not sure if you’re ready or not, I strongly suggest you go ahead and give mission trips a try. It WILL truly change your life, I know it changed mine.

~Makenzie Oliver

Clarksdale, MS will always hold a special place in

my heart. I learned that when we go down there,

God doesn’t just work in the kids hearts but in ours

as well. Because of this life-changing week, I have

made my call to the ministry. The last night of the

trip we couldn’t do anything but thank God for what

happened. I pray that God will allow us to return

next year. ~Zac Lewis

Reflections from Clarksdale Mission Trip 2011 was an incredible experience.

Holding backyard Bible clubs in the morning and

afternoon in extreme heat definitely took a toll

on our bodies. But, with hours of preparation and

prayers from the ones at home, God truly showed

His incredible strength through our weaknesses.

Through many sidewalk chalk pictures, millions of

back rides, and numerous games of kickball, our

youth bonded and formed relationships with these

amazing kids. The children were desperate for

attention and love. Having spent only a few

precious hours with them we were on a mission to

share the gospel. Fortunately, the attentiveness was

amazing and over 85 kids came to know Christ! This

made every struggle worth it as we saw children

finding the love and peace they needed. I am very

thankful for the privilege to have experienced this

trip and see God work His wonderful ways.

~Caroline Miller

Page 6: First Baptist Church Sevierville newsletter

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