first day jitters vocabulary review. downstairs the girl walked downstairs to get the mail

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  • First Day JittersVocabulary Review

  • downstairsThe girl walked downstairs to get the mail.

  • Down the stairsWhat word means the opposite of downstairs?downstairs

  • I feel nervous when I ride on an airplane.nervous

  • A person who is afraid or worried.When do you feel nervous?nervous

  • I chuckled when I heard the joke.chuckled

  • A quiet laughHow is chuckled different from laughed out loud?chuckled

  • I was afraid to go to the library. My friend said my fears were nonsense.nonsense

  • Silly or untrue ideaWhat is something that you think is nonsense?nonsense

  • He was tired and fumbled into his pajamas.fumbled

  • Something done in a clumsy wayWhen have you fumbled into something?fumbled

  • The tired student trudged up the hill to his house.trudged

  • Walking slowly or dragging ones feetCan you think of a reason why you might have trudged somewhere?trudged

  • Your vocabulary words are:DownstairsNervousChuckled


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