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    First Hand First Lutheran Church

    October 2019

    First Lutheran Church

    208 West Sandusky Avenue

    Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311


    Fax: 1-888-471-1970


    Email: [email protected]

    Pastor Larry Novak– [email protected]

    Office Manager, Brittanny Porter– [email protected]

    Director of Music, Judy Vassar- [email protected]

    Bell Choir Director, Larry Walker- [email protected] Inside this issue:

    From the Pastor’s Desk 2—3

    Director of Music 4

    October Out to Lunch Bunch 5

    Trunk or Treat 6

    October Events 7

    All Saints Sunday 8

    Remember in Prayers 9

    Stewardship– A Way of Life 13

    The Women’s Corner 15

    October Birthdays/Anniversaries 16

    Serving in Worship 17

    October Calendar 18

    The deadline

    for newsletter

    articles for the

    month of

    November is

    October 21st.

    October 27, 2019

    Mission Statement:

    Sharing God’s grace through prayer, witness, and service.

    On this day we celebrate the heart of our faith: the gospel

    of Christ—the good news—that makes us free! We pray

    that the Holy Spirit would continue to unite the church

    today in its proclamation and witness to the world. In the

    waters of baptism, we are made one body; we pray for the

    day that all Christians will also be one at the Lord's table.

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    Sunday, October 13 will be a very important worship service. Normally, October is stewardship

    month, and the second Sunday is October is designated as Stewardship Sunday-the day we pass out the

    pledge cards and ask for your commitment as to how much of the money entrusted to you by God you

    pledge to give back to the church. And we will be doing that soon, but not on October 13.

    Because, this year, I want to try something a little bit different. Instead of having stewardship Sun-

    day, October 13 will be Vision Sunday. We will be taking time during the service to discuss a vision for our

    church. The format would be that it is December 2020, and we will be discussing what we would like to

    see in our year-end reports for the annual meeting in 2021. What have we done this year as far as wor-

    ship, fellowship, learning, mission, and property? In order to do this, we need to ask ourselves a series of

    questions: What are our strengths and weaknesses? What are our values? Where is God calling us? Obvi-

    ously, we will not have all the answers figured out by the close of the service on October 13. This will be

    the beginning of the journey, not the end. My idea is that throughout 2020, the church council will be

    working with a vision planning team to craft a vision statement and vision plan for our congregation

    through the year 2025. The ministry teams will be working on the steps we need to take to implement

    the vision.

    But on October 13, we will start only with 2020. After our vision planning Sunday, only then will a

    budget for 2020 be crafted for the church. And only after the budget will be crafted will we then ask for

    pledges. This is different than what we have done in the past. In the past, we have asked for pledges,

    THEN crafted a budget. But leaders in the synod and other leaders in the field of stewardship and church

    budgets have said that a vision should come first, then a budget, then the pledges.

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    After all, if a person running for office were asking for donations to her campaign, you would not

    want to contribute unless you first knew what her plan was, what her values were, and what her vision for

    the country was. And if a school district asked for a school levy, you would not want to vote for it unless you

    first knew what the vision of the school district was; and what the money was going to be used for.

    But for years, we have been asking you to pledge without first seeing what the vision is, and what

    kind of budget is needed for that vision. The result is that we craft budgets that maintain the status quo; nev-

    er thinking too big, never changing much of what we have done before. With a vision in place first, then a

    budget necessary to carry out that vision, the hope is that people when then be able to make a pledge with a

    more clear and confident understanding of our mission, vision, and plan of action.

    The ELCA vision statement is: A world experiencing the difference God’s grace and love in Christ

    makes for all people and creation. As we look to the future, finding ways to live into our mission statement:

    Sharing God’s grace through prayer, witness, and service, we are assured that we have God’s grace, mercy,

    and love. Let us now begin the work of naming our vision: who we are, what we believe, and how we answer

    God’s call to both proclaim and live into the kingdom of God in our community.

    In the abiding hope of the empty tomb,

    Pastor Larry

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    Report of Director of Music

    Report for October

    September 1 Chancel Choir presented a favorite, “Beautiful Savior.”

    September 8 was car show Sunday

    September 15 Kris Shannon and Pastor Larry presented the scripture in song. The duet was “I Found the Lost.”

    September 22 the Chancel Choir sang out for joy with “Sing Out Your Joy to God.”

    September 29 the Kauffman family provided beautiful saxophone favorites. We so appre- ciate them.

    Judy Vassar

    Upcoming Special Sundays

    Oct. 13 Vision Sunday Oct. 27 Reformation

    Nov. 10 Women of the ELCA Sunday with Pastor Karen Torres Nov. 24 Christ the King Sunday

    Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Eve Eve at Galilee Lutheran Dec. 1 First Sunday of Advent

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    A Message from the Learning Ministry Team

    A Message from the Christian Action Ministry Team

    Out to Lunch Bunch-

    The October Out to Lunch

    Bunch will be going to The

    Son of Thurman on

    Saturday, October 26th at

    5:30 pm. It is located in

    Delaware. All are welcome

    to come and be a part of the fellowship. Contact Judy

    Vassar or the church office if you are interested or for

    more information.

    Sunday school!

    Classes for ALL ages begin at 9 am.

    We look forward to another great

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    Trick or Treat

    “Mini” Trunk or Treat

    October 31st , 2019

    6 pm - 7:30 pm

    North parking lot of FLC

    Come to FLC on Thursday evening, October 31st for a “TRUNK FULL” of fun! The Christian

    Action Ministry Team members will be handing out candy and other fun items to kids. We are

    encouraging the congregation to come and be a part of this fun Halloween event! Dress up in your

    favorite character costume and join us!!

    We need your help to donate individually wrapped items such as

    candy, fruit snacks or chips. There will be collection box in the

    lower narthex to receive your donations. Please drop them off by

    Sunday, October 27th.

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    Thanks to ALL who help out at Our Daily Bread. The next evening, we will be serving is

    Monday, October 21st. If you can’t help us serve but would still like to help you could

    provide the dessert. This month we are asking for cookies. If you haven't had the

    chance to help at Our Daily Bread, please consider doing so. A sign-up sheet is in the

    upper narthex. Volunteers are asked to arrive at Our Daily Bread about 4:15 pm prior

    to the serving time of 4:30 pm. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

    the church office.

    On Sunday, October 13th we will be having a special congregational

    meeting. This will be to cover Vision Planning to look forward into the

    next year and more to follow. Everyone is invited to attend and express

    their opinions and ideas! We will see you then!

    Looking Ahead in NOVEMBER

    Our annual Thankoffering Service will be on Sunday, November 10th. Between now and then, try to

    become more aware of your small daily blessings and start setting aside some change (or bills) to put

    towards this special yearly mission offering. A quote to remember, “every day is not a good day, but

    there is good in every day”. Try to find: an item unexpectedly on sale, a parking place close to the

    entrance, a beautiful sunset, a good doctor’s checkup for yourself or a family member, a letter from a

    friend, etc. The more you start looking, the more you can find. More details will be in the November


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    Soups, Salads, Bread and More!

    Sunday, October 20, 2019

    If you would like to donate items, there is a sign up sheet in the lower narthex

    Suggested Items: Soups, salads, breads, brownies, cookies