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  • S t . L o u i s , M i s s o u r i

  • St . Louis , Missour i 1.800.205.5862

    Heres a guidebook that will help you get to know Fontbonne University.

    Weve also included any specific information that you might have requested regarding

    our academic programs or other activities.

    Campus Suburban St. Louis, Missouri, founded 1923, 4-year, coeducational, liberal arts, private, Catholic

    SponsorshipFounded and sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

    Enrollment1,997 (full-time undergraduates: 1,328)

    Freshman Profile 53% female, 47% male; 29% diversityAverage GPA: 3.43; Average ACT: 23

    Annual Cost (1314)Tuition and fees: $23,130Room & board: $8,700 (average)Fall 15/spring 16 costs available after Feb. 15.

    Check for the latest.

    Student/Faculty Ratio 11:1

    Faculty Full- and part-time: 23674% of full-time faculty hold a Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field.

    Housing Three residence halls single, double and apartment-style occupancy

    Admission Requirements * minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA * minimum ACT composite 20 * minimum SAT 950 (CR+M)

    Admission Process* completed application for admission* essay* letter of recommendation* admission deadlines: Spring: December 12 Summer: May 16 Fall: August 1 Athletics Division III, NCAA, St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) mens: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track & field, volleyball womens: basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, volleyball (We also offer a dance team.)

    *Percentages and statistics are accurate as of June 2014

  • St . Louis , Missour i

    Welcome toFONTBONNE

    New challenges. New ideas. New experiences. Fontbonne University isnt

    just about textbooks and tests. Its about showing you how to use and

    apply knowledge through critical thinking and analysis. Its about helping

    you discover who you are, where you want to go and how you can help

    make the world a better place.

    At Fontbonne, you'll discover a personalized learning experience that will

    help you succeed academically and in a career path after graduation.

    *Percentages and statistics are accurate as of June 2014

  • majors

  • In the CLASSROOM

    ACCOUNTING Gain a strong business and accounting foundation; prepare to nail the CPA exam.

    Financial AnalystTax Accountant


    Graphic DesignerBrand Manager


    Case ManagerGrief Counselor

    Child Welfare Specialist

    Graphic DesignerWeb Designer

    App Developer

    Bioinformatics ProgrammerDatabase Developer

    Project Manager

    ADVERTISING Amped up mix of creativity with sociology, psychology and marketing knowledge.

    Art TherapistAnimatorDesigner

    ART*Master technical foundations during your first semesters, then expand your technique and philosophy.

    APPLIED BEHAVIORAL SCIENCESCombine psychology and sociology and learn to serve a world in need.

    APPLIED DESIGNGraphic design for the 21st century. Apply foundational design knowledge to responsive websites, mobile apps and more.

    BIOLOGYPrepare for professional school, research or a dual degree program.

    BIOINFORMATICSA fusion of computer science, mathematics and biology; in high demand.

    BIOLOGY FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION*Double trouble: Get a strong science background plus certification to teach.

    TeacherTechnical Writer

    Guidance Counselor

    PhysicianResearch Scientist

    Conservation Specialist

    BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Wear a suit. Concentrate in accounting, finance, management and leadership, or marketing.

    Bank Officer Human Resource Manager

    Commodities Trader


    COMMUNICATION STUDIESEvery business and organization needs a good writer/editor/talker on staff.

    Copywriter Media Analyst


    ProgrammerSupport Specialist

    Application Developer

    COMPUTER SCIENCEThe world is connected now more than ever. Technology skills needed. Apply within.

    CYBER SECURITYWith this new degree, youll be in high demand protecting systems and personal information.

    Cyber Network Defense Analyst Security Specialist

    Cyber Forensic Specialist

    DEAF EDUCATION*This challenging program will help you give others the tools they need to better communicate.

    Audiologist Clinician

    Speech Therapist

  • In the CLASSROOM

    ENGLISH LITERARY STUDIESRead, write, analyze, think, explore. Repeat.

    ENGLISH PROFESSIONAL WRITINGThe practical English major's approach to college a degree you can use.

    ENGLISH FOR SECONDARY CERTIFICATION*Share your love for Fitzgerald and Salinger with the next generation.

    FAMILY POLICY AND ADVOCACYImprove quality of life for individuals and families through advocacy and legislative action.

    FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES*Strengthen and enrich the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

    FASHION MERCHANDISINGExplore your love of fashion, and examine the many roles clothing plays in our lives.

    FINE ARTS*Art is your passion. Make it your living.

    GLOBAL STUDIESGeography, economics, history, business, religion and more ready you for an international career.

    HEALTH EDUCATION AND PROMOTIONLearn to navigate the complexities of health and healthcare, then teach others.

    HISTORY*Knowledge of the past leads to understanding of the present.

    Librarian Publisher


    High School EducatorJournalistLibrarian

    Public Relations Professional Copywriter


    Continuing Educator Community Program Director

    Nonprofit Director

    Grant WriterLawyerLobbyist

    Product Developer Retail Buyer

    Trend Forecaster

    Art Appraiser Curator

    Historic Preservation Specialist

    Politician Public Administrator

    Customs Broker

    Health EducatorCommunity Activist

    Public Health Lobbyist

    Archivist Public Policy Specialist


    DIETETICSPlay with your food. Help others stay healthy with better food and nutrition choices.

    Clinical Dietitian Health Writer

    Nutrition Educator

    EARLY CHILDHOOD*Make a positive, lasting impression on families and children.

    Child Advocate Educator

    Early Childhood Director

    ELEMENTARY EDUCATION*Learn from experienced educators; become a childs favorite teacher.

    Elementary EducatorConsultant

    Consumer Advocate

    More Programs >>>*teacher certification available

  • MARKETINGBe versatile, creative and in demand job growth expected through 2018.

    MATHEMATICS (APPLIED)Math is everywhere. Apply it to your discipline of choice.

    MATHEMATICS FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION*Help high schoolers enjoy and appreciate math like you do.

    MIDDLE SCHOOL EDUCATION*Kids need strong role models. Become the person they want to be when they grow up.

    Account Manager Client Services Manager

    Media Planner

    Actuary Auditor


    Middle School TeacherCurriculum Coordinator

    Mathematics Educator Guidance Counselor

    Technical Writer


    African American Studies

    American Culture Studies

    Art History


    Business Administration



    Computer Science

    Cyber Security

    Early Childhood

    English (Middle school education majors only)

    Environmental Studies

    Food Management

    Global Studies

    Graphic Design


    Human Services

    Literary Studies

    Management Information Systems



    Mathematics for Educators

    Performing Arts

    Professional Writing


    Religious Studies

    Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Work


    Speech-Language Pathology

    Sports Management

    University Minor (Design Your Own)

    Women's & Gender Studies

    Website Development Certificate

    Partnerships with Other Schools

    CHIROPRACTIC Partnership with Logan University Earn a bachelor's degree and a doctorate in chiropractics

    ENGINEERING Dual degree partnerships with University of Missouri-Kansas City and Washington University in St. Louis

    NURSING Partnership with Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College

    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Dual degree partnership with Washington University in St. Louis

    RELIGIOUS STUDIES Accelerated undergraduate/graduate agreement with Aquinas Institute of Theology

    SOCIAL WORK 3-2 Program in connection with Washington University in St. Louis

    MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCESGo back to the basics. You know, like cells, genes and chromosomes.

    Hospital Lab Professional in Immunology, Bacteriology,


    MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIPTheres an art and a science to leadership. Learn both.

    Nonprofit Director Business Manager


    MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMSHardware, software who knows where you'll push the technology curve.

    Database AdministratorSystems Analyst

    Web Administrator

    HUMAN SERVICESMake your community a better place.

    Case Manager Community Developer

    Program Director

    Undergraduate Minors

  • SOCIAL SCIENCE/PRE-LAWHone skills in reasoning, analysis and synthesis; prepare for law school.

    SOCIAL WORKYou really can change the world; well show you how.

    SPECIAL EDUCATION*Fontbonne produces more K-12 special education teachers than any other university in Missouri. Join the ranks.



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