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  • FIS Digital Payments Vision

    May 23, 2017

    Norm Marraccini, VP, Director of Digital Payment Product

    Strategy & Marketing

    Arun Ahuja, SVP & GM

  • Agenda

    • FIS Faster Payments Experience

    • Why Real-Time Payments?

    • Payments Use Case

    • Digital Payments Vision

    • FIS Digital Payment Suite, Real-Time Capabilities and Roadmap

    – Consumer and small business bill pay

    – P2P payments

    – A2A transfers

    – Zelle real-time


  • FIS Digital Payments: Driving Digital Innovation

    FIS has been a global Leader in Faster Payments longer than any other organization:

    2006 2007 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

    FIS provides the

    underlying technology to

    UK Faster Payments—the

    largest Faster Payments

    system to-date;

    Clear2Pay OPF Software

    has supported all real-

    time networks including

    G3-Singapore, Faster-UK,

    Japan–Zenga, and now

    working on Australia's-IPP

    and US-The Clearing


    FIS provides the


    technology to ITMX

    Ltd. who runs Faster

    Payments services

    for Thai banks.

    FIS launches the first

    U.S. based real-time,

    non-card bank

    network PayNet;

    FIS’s NYCE

    customers can

    accept a real-time,

    non-card transaction.

    FIS partners with the

    CO-OP to enable the

    Credit Union for

    Faster Payments.

    FIS partners with

    The Clearing House

    Banks to enable

    their customers.

    FIS partners with

    Zelle to provide

    real-time P2P

    money movement.

    FIS Same Day

    ACH is piloted in

    Bill Pay.

    FIS is 1 of 18 organizations selected by the Fed to be part of their Faster Payments steering committee.

    FIS has over 800 FIS clients in the U.S. performing real-time transactions into their core accounts and generating

    incremental revenue. With over 15K P2P transactions and a total of 200,000+ monthly as of January 2017.


  • Why Real-Time Payments?

    • Consumer expectations are driving real-time

    • Real-time benefits for both senders and receivers

    • Consumers are looking for easy, fast ways to move money and financial institutions have an advantage

    – Alternatives outside of financial institution are simple, but not fast

    • FIS Digital Payments enables you to:

    – Compete with alternatives

    – Leverage growing capabilities and networks to meet velocity


    – Focused on security and compliance

    – Monetize, directly and indirectly


  • Capitalizing on the Latest Advances in Real-Time Payments


  • Real-Time Payment Use Cases

    Business Payee Consumer Payee

    Business-to-Business (B2B)

    • Purchase Order

    • Invoice

    • Remittance

    • Trade Finance

    • High value

    • Low volume

    Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

    • Payroll

    • Benefits

    • Refunds

    • Rewards and Rebates

    • High volume

    • Low value

    Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

    • Bill Payment

    • eCommerce

    • High volume

    • Low value

    Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

    • Person-to-person (P2P)

    • Account-to-account (A2A)

    • High volume

    • Low value


  • Forecast of Payment Convergence to U.S. Faster Payments

    Where will faster

    payments come from?

    30+ billion txn/year






    1 - 2 %


    5 - 6%


    27% Sources: and


  • Our Expertise Effortless money movement experiences

    Frictionless Experience

    FIS Digital Payments delivers

    money movement to create a

    frictionless experience when

    paying bills, people, or

    transferring money.

    Every Product

    Fusion is the birth of a single-thread

    UX that drives all interactions with a

    few clicks or swipes. When moving

    money, Fusion is the framework for

    an effortless consumer experience.


    To complete the optimal digital

    experience, FIS Digital Payments

    fuels consumers with real-time

    money movement for all payment


    Simplified, real-time money movement is the ultimate service goal.


  • Fusion Experience

    People Pay

    Bill Pay



  • Same-day payments

    Bill Pay

    • Same-day ACH opportunities for Expedited Payments

    – In pilot, targeting June for general availability

    – Available to billers who receive qualifying ACH CIE payments

    – Extends window and billers available for Expedited Payment

    • Real-time debiting of Expedited Payment

    – Available for FIS core clients

    – Roadmap: PayNet clients


  • • Real-time response to alert schedules payment coming due

    – Reminder

    – eBill

    • Consumer does not need to login

    • Pilot target June 2017

    Actionable alerts

    Bill Pay


  • • Convenience

    – Allows users to send eGift Cards INSTANTLY

    – User enters amount and sends eGift Card to a

    person’s email or mobile number

    – Recipient can claim gift online or on the mobile device

    – Transaction processes on People Pay platform

    • Revenue opportunity

    – Client receives rebate of up to 5% of the face value of

    each eGift Card which are issued for merchants that

    offer a rebate

    • Differentiated competitive feature

    – eGift Cards helps differentiate People Pay from your

    competitor’s’ P2P product offering

    – Approximately 200 name brand eGift Cards available


    Real-time digital gifting

    People Pay


  • Real-time transactions with claim to debit card

    People Pay

    • Another real-time tool for People Pay payment recipients

    • Supports NYCE, MasterCard and Visa debit cards


  • Real-time capable

    External Transfers

    • Product for direct Digital Payments clients and CeB/non-IBS core

    • Real-time for internal account transaction

    – FIS core integration or PayNet

    • Real-time for external account transaction

    – PayNet

    • Optional convenience fee for real-time


  • Real-time account validation

    External Transfers

    • Newly available option, replacing need to verify access with two-


    • Approximately 85% of US bank accounts covered, from 2,800+

    financial institutions

    • Validates access credentials, challenge questions, account

    number and last name on account

    • Consumer can instantly add, verify external account and schedule



  • Real-time P2P payments

    Introducing Zelle

    What is Zelle?

    • National directory

    • Real-time services

    • Consumer brand

    Why Zelle?

    • FI-centric

    • Ubiquitous

    • Embraced and marketed by largest FIs


  • FIS Partnership

    Commitment to empowering

    safe, ubiquitous and faster payments FIS Real -Time

    Payments Offer ings

    Zel le

    Integrated P2P

    FIS People Pay P2P

    FIS Open Payment

    Framework (OPF)

    FIS PayNet

    Global Payments

    Bi l l Pay v ia

    The Clear ing House

    Future proof

    Your infrastructure, optimizing your investments

    Build customer loyalty

    Offering secure, real-time capabilities

    Extend industr y leadership

    Leveraging the FIS payments ecosystem

    Gain competit ive advantage

    Through data insights

    Innovate faster

    With deep payments integration


  • What’s next

    Join us at the following sessions

    Session 1208 || Thursday || 8:30 AM

    FIS’ Partnership with Zelle for P2P Payments

    Session 1206 || Thursday || 9:45 AM

    Real-Time Payments: Emerging Technology & Trends

    Visit our Digital Payments booth to discuss

    • Real-Time Payments

    • Bill Pay

    • People Pay

    • Zelle

    • Transfers

    Engaging with FIS Digital Payments at InfoShare

  • Questions / Discussion

  • Norm Marraccini:

    Arun Ahuja:


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