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Fitbit by Emmanuel Gadenne English version


  • 1.Paris, nov. 2011 @fitbit by @egadenne & @qsparis

2. I use a fitbit since may 2011 and you ? 70,000 weekly steps. A goal to fight against obesity according to WHO 3. A usefeul email with weekly easy to read and complete stats Play with friends Badges, its gamification! 4. My initial goal Test if and how a tracker could improve my daily QuantifiedSelf * *QuantifiedSelf (QS) = catch, analyse & share personal datas 5.

  • Results
  • daily use since May 2011
  • Only during the day (sleep record not useful for me)


  • Conclusion
  • Very pratical and motivating
  • User Interface fun and complete
  • Robust tacker survivor of
    • 1 moss party
    • 2 falls in the toilets
  • Take care : easy to lost

Yeah! 7. at Parissince March 11 !

  • Join QuantifiedSelf Paris
  • Take part in fitbit challenges with friends
  • Share your SelfTracking experimentsin french
  • Explore the Web with others and give feedbacks
  • Help QuantifiedSelf startups

Want to go further ? 8. QuantifiedSelf Paris French spoken QS meetups in Paris! Register Wiki : Twitter :@ QSParis

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