five reasons which make dubai a tourist

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Five Reasons Which Make Dubai a TouristMagnet

Five Reasons Which Make Dubai a TouristMagnet


Theres no doubt that Dubai is the city of the future. Creating monstrous creations while making people lives more fun, this city has got its priorities set. From theUKto Australia, India to America, the charm of Dubai has captivated us all. Its a treat to visit this Middle Eastern gem. Here are five reasons why you should visit Dubai for your next holiday.

The Skyline

There are skylines and there are skylines. Dubai is the latter. Its well-documented that the city has many skyscrapers but which another city in the entire world can boast of the worlds tallest building and some of the tallest residential buildings in the world among its skyline. If thats not enough, imagine jumping straight towards these gigantic creations; thats right, you can skydive here too.


Dubai is shopping. This statement is as close to the truth as possible. Each year, thousands of people visit this city to indulge in retail therapy. The worlds biggest mall is here along with a string of malls with high-end retail stores at every corner. For those searching less expensive options, there are many souks where with a bit of haggling, you can get some brilliant sales. We are not done, Dubai hosts the worlds biggest shopping festival where along with concerts and huge discounts, you can walk away with gold and supercars too


There are over 200 nationalities and roughly 90% of Dubai is immigrants. Its not surprising that Dubai is one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cities. The presence of such diversity makes for some great cultural experiences, from foods, people, traditions, and festivals; Dubai is the city of the future where everybody is welcome.


The rich diversity of Dubai has created a strong gastronomic scene. Think different nations and its foods. Indian to Japanese, French to Brazilian, Pakistani to Canadian; there is no dearth of cuisine here. You can enjoy all these at charming cafes and food courts to fun food trucks and high-end restaurants.


Touted as the city of the future, adventure is never far in this futuristic city. You can ski dive towards the glittering skyline, race in supercars, ski in the artificial snow park, dune bash at the deserts, swim with sharks, and all these are some of the many ways you can raise your adrenaline in Dubai.

Doesnt this make Dubai a must visit place in your life. If you do intend to catch aflight to Dubai, make sure its with Jet Airways, a brilliant airline offering a brilliant experience.

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