Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application

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<ul><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job ApplicationBy Red Tape Busters</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>The experienced job application writer will consider many many issues before and during the job application writing process.</p><p>Most job applicants however do not strategically plan their approach to applying for a job and lots adopt the scatter gun approach shooting job applications off to any and every job.</p><p>The smart applicant will not make this fatal error and will instead carefully consider each prospective job and only apply for the job that fits them perfectly and where their skills, experience, attitude etc fits the job perfectly.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>Before applying for any job here are my top 5 tips that you need to consider before putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard:-</p><p>1. Carefully and honestly consider your skills and abilities :</p><p>Most people seriously overestimate their skills and abilities. Job applicants need to have confidence in their abilities but it is a total waste of time to overestimate what you are capable of or overplay what experience you have had in your past.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>It should become obvious in an interview if the interview panel are skilled at grilling applicants that your skills/experience have been inflated.</p><p>Worse still, lets say you get through the interview and win the job and then it is discovered that your skills and experience were um. not accurate. </p><p>This would leave a very sour taste in the mouths of the interview panel and your credibility might well go down the drain.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>All not conducive to a happy working environment! Even worse still what happens if you win the job and then the job is too big for you and you fail disaster disaster disaster!</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>2. Carefully consider the job the pay, the conditions, the work location, any travel required etc etc. :</p><p>This is vitally important most people dont research the job, ascertain what pay and conditions, where they might have to travel to for work, will they be required to travel.</p><p>All of these issues are important for job satisfaction and how the job will merge with your family requirements, financial needs, social life etc. </p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>A job that impacts adversely on one or more of your other lives will surely be a job you will come to detest in time.</p><p>3. Do you have time to apply :</p><p>Again a lot of job applicants rush their applications.</p><p>So it is important that you consider if you have the time to dedicate to crafting a comprehensive application that hits the mark.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>4. Do you have referees who will sing your praises?</p><p>This issue is seriously undervalued when applying for jobs.</p><p>Your referees MUST say the sky is green if you are claiming in your interview that the sky is green. </p><p>Referees MUST validate everything you say and be able to eloquently and powerfully support your claims, skills and experience.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>The dithering, reluctant or understated referee is to be avoided. You dont want a Donald Trump type but you need someone who will passionately support everything you say.</p><p>5. What is my pitch when writing my application?</p><p>Before you start crafting your application, you need to consider how you are going to approach it, what information/documents are required and what is your pitch to sell yourself firstly to get an interview and then obviously to win the job.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>Time spent on developing your strategy and making sure you understand the application process and exactly what they expect with your application really is time well spent.</p><p>If you ponder on these issues before commencing writing your application, at least then you will give yourself a fighting chance. The quality job application writer will strategies the job application writing process and significantly enhance their chance of success.</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p><p>Contact us at Red Tape Busters should you require more information about this article or if you require specialist grant, tender or job application writing experience. We can assist you to achieve your goals and objectives!</p></li><li><p>Five Things to Consider Before Writing Your Job Application</p></li><li><p>Contact Us</p><p>Red Tape Busters Pty Ltd.</p><p>ABN: 39 094 823 417PO Box 3126WARNER QLD 4500Telephone: 07 3882 2055Facsimile: 07 3882 2066</p><p>Email Address:</p></li><li><p>Please also friend or like us on Facebook -, follow us on Twitter Red Tape Busters or check us out on YouTube just search for Red Tape Busters.</p></li></ul>