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Ive done everything I can to grow my business! I dont know what else to do. Have you ever felt that way, especially as the summer months loom ahead?


  • 1. Five Ways To Get Unstuck!Ive done everything I can to grow mybusiness! I dont know what else to do.Have you ever felt that way, especially as thesummer months loom ahead?As an entrepreneur, its normal to feelstuck at times. No one is on all the time.There are days and there are times when mostof us just want to throw in the towel we feelstuck!But its not ok to stay stuck. I find that, on days like that, its typically because I haveisolated myself isolation is the friend of failure.There are a number of ways to get unstuck in your business and keep going andgrowing. Keep reading because I want to share my top 10 list with you.1) Have an irresistible free offer to attract new prospects (or change up the IFO youhave now).When you have a solution to another persons pain, they want to learn more from you. Anideal way to attract those ideal prospects is by having an IFO that you make available to them.Create an article or a CD with solid content and make it available through your website.2) Have an opt-in page on your website.This is where/how you capture the names and email addresses of your ideal prospects oncethey learn about your I.F.O. You give THEM great content and they give YOU their nameand contact information. Its a match made in heaven. Now you have new people to talk to and serve.3) Send a surprise gift to your list.I often change up my 25 Ways to Grow Your Business list and send it off, in a PDF format,to my list. Its a surprise to them it can generate activity and responses and interaction andI delight my community.4) Friday Phone Calls.I have developed the habit of making 5 surprise phone calls each Friday when I am in myoffice. These 5 people can be former clients, current clients, friends, etc to just check in and
  • 2. see how they are doing and to offer any support. Its random, its spontaneous and it is totallyunexpected. I mean who ever picks up the phone these days to call you and see how you aredoing genuinely? Try it they will like it and so will you.5) Patio etworking.Networking doesnt always have to happen in the confines of meeting rooms. In the summermonths, I like to invite a colleague/contact to a patio lunch and have them bring someone withthem who I have never met. Its a great way to build your network and its fun, too.And a bonus tip for you connect with a coach and get into a master mind group. I amtotally serious about this! Many of you are working in isolation and that is when fear,overwhelm, worry and negativity can take hold of you and choke you! Ive said it before andIll say it again being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It takes energy, drive,perseverance, faith, determination and support to attract ideal clients, make great money andmake a difference doing the work you love. YOU are your own worst enemy. Stop it!In addition to the options above, you can always attend workshops and/or schedule aVIP Planning Session with a business coach. Get your act together get a plan and getgoing. The world needs you.Pat Mussieux is fast becoming regarded as a highly valued Canadian mentor for womenentrepreneurs taking her own business from zero to a multiple 6-figure home-based businessin less than 4 years. Much of her success can be attributed to her expertise in marketing,mindset and money! Pat Mussieux is a business coach, author, speaker and radio host. Youcan reach her at