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  1. 1. ARTICLE 1 Five ways to save money on your vacations Vacation is the way to relax from the hustle and bustle of our busy life. We all are having tight schedule and hardly get time to foot out for enjoy luxurious vacations. But whenever we get time, we need to plan our vacation trip before leaving our city. Most of us are having limited budget. It is a quite difficult task to plan an extravagant and luxurious trip within a limited sum. It is only difficult, but not impossible. All you need is just proper knowledge of the place as well as a smart planning. It is experienced that majority of our sum is spend on accommodation and dinning expenses. If you only concentrate on the places of accommodation, 90% of your vacation planning can be done. If you are planning to explore Macon, one of the most populous cities of Georgia, you need to plan your trip carefully as the city is offering wide array of motels that will confuse you for making a decision. But the city is providing great range of accommodations including luxurious hotels, rental apartments, economical rooms and comfort suites to suit different kinds of need and budget of its guests. After doing thorough research you can also find a luxurious Motel in Macon which is offering top quality amenities at affordable rates. Here are the ways that help you to save a large sum of money while making your vacations luxurious. Accommodation is the most important thing for your vacation trip. It is necessary that your accommodation is comfortable and luxurious and yet within your decided budget. Motel in Macon GA is the best option for you which is offering high class facilities and services including high speed internet, pets allowed, swimming pool, hot tubs, bar, in built restaurant, spa, laundry and many other five star facilities. Thus, you can enjoy all this extravagant facilities within your budget. Accommodating in one of the motels of Macon, allows you to save your transporting expenses, as all the hotels are located in the downtown of the city. You can also save your dinning expenses while residing in Macon motels as the motel is having in built restaurant that is managed by their world class chefs with distinct varieties of dishes. The motel is also offering different types of packages to suit different types of needs of their guests. You can choose your package in accord with your need which saves your cost.