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  • Fixture List

    2018 FIFA World Cup Preliminary Competition

  • MATCHDAY 1 4 - 6 September 2016

    San Marino Azerbaijan4 September 18:00 Group CSunday

    Czech Republic Northern Ireland4 September 20:45 Group CSunday

    Norway Germany4 September 20:45 Group CSunday

    Denmark Armenia4 September 18:00 Group ESunday

    Kazakhstan Poland4 September 18:00 Group ESunday

    Romania Montenegro4 September 20:45 Group ESunday

    Lithuania Slovenia4 September 18:00 Group FSunday

    Slovakia England4 September 18:00 Group FSunday

    Malta Scotland4 September 20:45 Group FSunday

    Georgia Austria5 September 18:00 Group DMonday

    Serbia Republic of Ireland5 September 20:45 Group DMonday

    Wales Moldova5 September 20:45 Group DMonday

    Albania FYR Macedonia5 September 20:45 Group GMonday

    Israel Italy5 September 20:45 Group GMonday

    Spain Liechtenstein5 September 20:45 Group GMonday

    Croatia Turkey5 September 20:45 Group IMonday

    Ukraine Iceland5 September 20:45 Group IMonday

    Belarus France6 September 20:45 Group ATuesday

    Bulgaria Luxembourg6 September 20:45 Group ATuesday

    Sweden Netherlands6 September 20:45 Group ATuesday

    Andorra Latvia6 September 20:45 Group BTuesday

    Faroe Islands Hungary6 September 20:45 Group BTuesday

    Switzerland Portugal6 September 20:45 Group BTuesday

    Bosnia-Herzegovina Estonia6 September 20:45 Group HTuesday

    Cyprus Belgium6 September 20:45 Group HTuesday

  • MATCHDAY 2 6 - 8 October 2016

    Austria Wales6 October 20:45 Group DThursday

    Moldova Serbia6 October 20:45 Group DThursday

    Republic of Ireland Georgia6 October 20:45 Group DThursday

    FYR Macedonia Israel6 October 20:45 Group GThursday

    Italy Spain6 October 20:45 Group GThursday

    Liechtenstein Albania6 October 20:45 Group GThursday

    Iceland Finland6 October 20:45 Group IThursday

    Turkey Ukraine6 October 20:45 Group IThursday

    France Bulgaria7 October 20:45 Group AFriday

    Luxembourg Sweden7 October 20:45 Group AFriday

    Netherlands Belarus7 October 20:45 Group AFriday

    Hungary Switzerland7 October 20:45 Group BFriday

    Latvia Faroe Islands7 October 20:45 Group BFriday

    Portugal Andorra7 October 20:45 Group BFriday

    Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina7 October 20:45 Group HFriday

    Greece Cyprus7 October 20:45 Group HFriday

    Azerbaijan Norway8 October 18:00 Group CSaturday

    Germany Czech Republic8 October 20:45 Group CSaturday

    Northern Ireland San Marino8 October 20:45 Group CSaturday

    Armenia Romania8 October 18:00 Group ESaturday

    Montenegro Kazakhstan8 October 18:00 Group ESaturday

    Poland Denmark8 October 20:45 Group ESaturday

    England Malta8 October 18:00 Group FSaturday

    Scotland Lithuania8 October 20:45 Group FSaturday

    Slovenia Slovakia8 October 20:45 Group FSaturday

  • MATCHDAY 3 9 - 11 October 2016

    Wales Georgia9 October 18:00 Group DSunday

    Moldova Republic of Ireland9 October 20:45 Group DSunday

    Serbia Austria9 October 20:45 Group DSunday

    Israel Liechtenstein9 October 18:00 Group GSunday

    Albania Spain9 October 20:45 Group GSunday

    FYR Macedonia Italy9 October 20:45 Group GSunday

    Finland Croatia9 October 18:00 Group ISunday

    Iceland Turkey9 October 20:45 Group ISunday

    Belarus Luxembourg10 October 20:45 Group AMonday

    Netherlands France10 October 20:45 Group AMonday

    Sweden Bulgaria10 October 20:45 Group AMonday

    Andorra Switzerland10 October 20:45 Group BMonday

    Faroe Islands Portugal10 October 20:45 Group BMonday

    Latvia Hungary10 October 20:45 Group BMonday

    Bosnia-Herzegovina Cyprus10 October 20:45 Group HMonday

    Estonia Greece10 October 20:45 Group HMonday

    Czech Republic Azerbaijan11 October 20:45 Group CTuesday

    Germany Northern Ireland11 October 20:45 Group CTuesday

    Norway San Marino11 October 20:45 Group CTuesday

    Kazakhstan Romania11 October 18:00 Group ETuesday

    Denmark Montenegro11 October 20:45 Group ETuesday

    Poland Armenia11 October 20:45 Group ETuesday

    Lithuania Malta11 October 20:45 Group FTuesday

    Slovakia Scotland11 October 20:45 Group FTuesday

    Slovenia England11 October 20:45 Group FTuesday

  • MATCHDAY 4 11 - 13 November 2016

    Czech Republic Norway11 November 20:45 Group CFriday

    Northern Ireland Azerbaijan11 November 20:45 Group CFriday

    San Marino Germany11 November 20:45 Group CFriday

    Armenia Montenegro11 November 18:00 Group EFriday

    Denmark Kazakhstan11 November 20:45 Group EFriday

    Romania Poland11 November 20:45 Group EFriday

    England Scotland11 November 20:45 Group FFriday

    Malta Slovenia11 November 20:45 Group FFriday

    Slovakia Lithuania11 November 20:45 Group FFriday

    Austria Republic of Ireland12 November 18:00 Group DSaturday

    Georgia Moldova12 November 18:00 Group DSaturday

    Wales Serbia12 November 20:45 Group DSaturday

    Albania Israel12 November 20:45 Group GSaturday

    Liechtenstein Italy12 November 20:45 Group GSaturday

    Spain FYR Macedonia12 November 20:45 Group GSaturday

    Croatia Iceland12 November 18:00 Group ISaturday

    Ukraine Finland12 November 20:45 Group ISaturday

    Bulgaria Belarus13 November 18:00 Group ASunday

    Luxembourg Netherlands13 November 18:00 Group ASunday

    France Sweden13 November 20:45 Group ASunday

    Hungary Andorra13 November 18:00 Group BSunday

    Portugal Latvia13 November 20:45 Group BSunday

    Switzerland Faroe Islands13 November 20:45 Group BSunday

    Belgium Estonia13 November 20:45 Group HSunday

    Greece Bosnia-Herzegovina13 November 20:45 Group HSunday

  • MATCHDAY 5 24 - 26 March 2017

    Georgia Serbia24 March 18:00 Group DFriday

    Austria Moldova24 March 20:45 Group DFriday

    Republic of Ireland Wales24 March 20:45 Group DFriday

    Italy Albania24 March 20:45 Group GFriday

    Liechtenstein FYR Macedonia24 March 20:45 Group GFriday

    Spain Israel24 March 20:45 Group GFriday

    Croatia Ukraine24 March 20:45 Group IFriday

    Turkey Finland24 March 20:45 Group IFriday

    Sweden Belarus25 March 18:00 Group ASaturday

    Bulgaria Netherlands25 March 20:45 Group ASaturday

    Luxembourg France25 March 20:45 Group ASaturday

    Andorra Faroe Islands25 March 18:00 Group BSaturday

    Switzerland Latvia25 March 18:00 Group BSaturday

    Portugal Hungary25 March 20:45 Group BSaturday

    Cyprus Estonia25 March 18:00 Group HSaturday

    Belgium Greece25 March 20:45 Group HSaturday

    Azerbaijan Germany26 March 18:00 Group CSunday

    San Marino Czech Republic26 March 18:00 Group CSunday

    Northern Ireland Norway26 March 20:45 Group CSunday

    Armenia Kazakhstan26 March 18:00 Group ESunday

    Montenegro Poland26 March 20:45 Group ESunday

    Romania Denmark26 March 20:45 Group ESunday

    England Lithuania26 March 18:00 Group FSunday

    Malta Slovakia26 March 20:45 Group FSunday

    Scotland Slovenia26 March 20:45 Group FSunday

  • MATCHDAY 6 9 - 11 June 2017

    Belarus Bulgaria9 June 20:45 Group AFriday

    Netherlands Luxembourg9 June 20:45 Group AFriday

    Sweden France9 June 20:45 Group AFriday

    Andorra Hungary9 June 20:45 Group BFriday

    Faroe Islands Switzerland9 June 20:45 Group BFriday

    Latvia Portugal9 June 20:45 Group BFriday

    Bosnia-Herzegovina Greece9 June 20:45 Group HFriday

    Estonia Belgium9 June 20:45 Group HFriday

    Azerbaijan Northern Ireland10 June 18:00 Group CSaturday

    Germany San Marino10 June 20:45 Group CSaturday

    Norway Czech Republic10 June 20:45 Group CSaturday

    Kazakhstan Denmark10 June 18:00 Group ESaturday

    Montenegro Armenia10 June 20:45 Group ESaturday

    Poland Romania10 June 20:45 Group ESaturday

    Scotland England10 June 18:00 Group FSaturday

    Slovenia Malta10 June 18:00 Group FSaturday

    Lithuania Slovakia10 June 20:45 Group FSaturday

    Moldova Georgia11 June 18:00 Group DSunday

    Republic of Ireland Austria11 June 18:00 Group DSunday

    Serbia Wales11 June 20:45 Group DSunday

    FYR Macedonia Spain11 June 20:45 Group GSunday

    Israel Albania11 June 20:45 Group GSunday

    Italy Liechtenstein11 June 20:45 Group GSunday

    Finland Ukraine11 June 18:00 Group ISunday

    Iceland Croatia11 June 20:45 Group ISunday

  • MATCHDAY 7 31 August - 2 September 2017

    Bulgaria Sweden31 August 20:45 Group AThursday

    France Netherlands31 August 20:45 Group AThursday

    Luxembourg Belarus31 August 20:45 Group AThursday

    Hungary Latvia31 August 20:45 Group BThursday

    Portugal Faroe Islands31 August 20:45 Group BThursday

    Switzerland Andorra31 August 20:45 Group BThursday

    Cyprus Bosnia-Herzegovina31 August 20:45 Group HThursday

    Greece Estonia31 August 20:45 Group HThursday

    Czech Republic Germany1 September 20:45 Group CFriday

    Norway Azerbaijan1 September 20:45 Group CFriday

    San Marino Northern Ireland1 September 20:45 Group CFriday

    Kazakhstan Montenegro1 September 18:00 Group EFriday

    Denmark Poland1 September 20:45 Group EFriday

    Romania Armenia1 September 20:45 Group EFriday

    Lithuania Scotland1 September 20:45 Group FFriday

    Malta England1 September 20:45 Group FFriday

    Slovakia Slovenia1 September 20:45 Group FFriday

    Georgia Republic of Ireland2 September 18:00 Group DSaturday

    Serbia Moldova2 September 18:00 Group DSaturday

    Wales Austria2 September 20:45 Group DSaturday

    Albania Liechtenstein2 September 18:00 Group GSaturday

    Israel FYR Macedonia2 September 20:45 Group GSaturday

    Spain Italy2 September 20:45 Group GSaturday

    Finland Iceland2 September 18:00 Group ISaturday

    Ukraine Turkey2 September 20:45 Group ISat