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Flier Styler™ is a custom, online tool allowing anyone in your organization to create fliers that stay on brand.


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2. Your organization has invested in a strong brand. 3. Flier Styler helps employees be brand ambassadors. 4. Its an online solution. 5. Creating flierscustom to your standards. 6. We load up your Flier Styler with your brand elements. 7. And Flier Stylerdesignsfor you. 8. Its as easy as(eating) pie . 9. Select an image. 10. Fill out the flier form. 11. Your Flier Styler Admin reviews and approves. Reviews and approves. 12. Print approved fliers from a web browser. 13. Download a pdf. 14. Pin your flier to our Virtual Corkboard & share on the web. 15. Link to a any onlineregistration site. 16. Send out your flier asan html email. 17. Your brand works hard.Make it stick.