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1. flipping the classroom Ideas to engage your students & use time productively a mini presentation by Gjoa Andrichuk Communication Department, BCIT June 6, 2015 2. By the end of ten-minute session youll get to know how I got started what I teach at BCIT the SWOT of flipping the classroom for me. 3. AACE 4. Why would students watch potentially 9 hours of lectures before coming to class? What if they had questions? How would they have time? Q 5. Activities 6. What did students SAY about YouTube? 7. 10 Reports 7 Weeks 1 Literature Review 1 Scientific Report 8. The Jigsaw: ~teams breaking into teams~ Buskirk B F G Fernandez B F G Godfroid B F G 9. Impromptu Presentation Practice: What are the key elements in Buskirk? Fernandez? Godfroid? Create teams of three, spaced out around the room. Have the presenter face the wall Appoint a timer and an um counter. Have the presenter state a goal to work on in this presentation (e.g. using gestures, moving around, eye contact, pausing silently). Speak for 60-120 seconds. After each presentation, give the presenter feedback: A Compliment Encouragement/um count A final compliment. 10. Table Topics 11. Debates 12. Quiz 13. Complete a matrix 14. Offer solutions 15. Compare versions 16. Strengths 17. Weaknesses 18. opportunities 19. Threats 20. Lets connect! Gjoa Andrichuk gandrich@bcit.ca @gandrich


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