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KOUKOUVAYA FINE ART P HOTOGRAPHY Liverpool, UK Mid 2010.. Photo Diary

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k o u k o u v a y a f i n e a r tPhotograPhy

Liverpool, UK

Mid 2010..

Photo Diary

Mersey Bay, The Hilton

The Hilton, The Liver Building

River Mersey, Construction

More construction work..

Theme Park, Starlings

Kirkby in the evening

Kirkby, View From St. Nicholas

I am a mixed media artist and photographer from Croydon, UK. I also go by the alias of ‘Xij’

I work with light, words, sound, people and other things...

I have won no awards or accolades, and don’t expect to recieve any, possibly ever. I do how-ever, intend to share my interpretation of beauty with the world. This is one way of do-ing it. I also provide portraiture and event photography, please see my other portfolios if interested.

For gallery inquiries, design inquiries, quote requests etc. please contact me through your preferred social media channel

Thank you!

k o u k o u v a y a f i n e a r tPh o to g r a P h y


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