folds and faults. tectonic plates types of differential stress 123

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  • Folds and Faults

  • Tectonic Plates

  • Types of Differential Stress123

  • Ductile DeformationRock will flow in response to stressRock will change shape during flowExample: Copper penny on train tracks

  • Brittle DeformationRock will break in response to stress Example: Glass objects, broken bones

  • Deforming MarbleShallow Crust BrittleDeeper Crust DuctileM.S. Patterson, Australian National University

  • AnticlineSyncline

  • Sinclair Dome, near Rawlings, WY

  • Folds

  • Types of Differential Stress

  • FaultsKanab, Utah

  • FaultA break in a rock along which movement has occurred.

  • Normal Fault:Rock above fault plane has moved down relative to rock belowReverse Fault:Rock above fault plane has moved up relative to rock below

  • NormalReverseStrike-Slip

  • Normal Fault

  • Rift Valley

  • Reverse Fault

  • Jurassic SandstoneDevonian LimestoneThrust Fault

  • Thrust Fault

  • San Andreas FaultCarrizo Plain, CA

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