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Folds & Faults. Words to know. Rock Strata These are rock layers under the surface. They are normally flat (horizontal) when deposited. Fold Fault Stratigrapher Geologist that studies rock layers. Rebound theory. Normal Strata. Flat - aka Horizontal. Irregular strata. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Folds & Faults

Folds & Faults

Words to knowRock StrataThese are rock layers under the surface.They are normally flat (horizontal) when deposited.FoldFaultStratigrapherGeologist that studies rock layers.Rebound theoryNormal StrataFlat - aka Horizontal

Irregular strataSometimes rock strata is squeezed and foldedA fold is when the strata is bent.

Folded StrataHow does flat strata become folded?Compressional forces bend the strata. Like paper would respond if you push the sides together

Large scale folding

Faulted StrataWhat causes strata to fault or break?Fault is when the strata breaks from outside forces.

Rebounding theoryThink of a rubber band.If I hold it out it will be flat.But if I add weight it will dip downBut when I take the weight off it goes back.The Earth does the same!When Earth sinks then bounces back from large masses.

Measuring Folds & FaultsStrikeThe strike is a line the shows the directions on the surface of the fault.DipThe angle the plane goes into the ground.

Types of faults1.)Normal2.)Reverse (thrust)3.)Strike Slip

Faults are caused from forces within the Earth pushing or pulling rock strata.

How to ID FaultsHead WallFoot Wall

Normal FaultHead wall moves downReverse FaultHead wall moves up


Strike Slip

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