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Native American Culture

Native American CultureFolklore

Creator of EarthCreator of PeopleCreator of Animals

Creating PowerPrevious worldPeople could not behaveCreating Power flooded the worldSioux Creation Story

Creating Power FloatingSacred Pipe and Pipe BagDrifted for a Long TimeFloatingAfter the Flood

People and Animals Had DrownedOnly Kangi, the Crow SurvivedNo Place to Rest

The Rain Stopped

The bag is full of animalsCommanded the loon to dive downRetrieve mud from the bottomCreating Power Opens the Pipe Bag

OtterCommanded otter to dive downOtter was unsuccessfulSecond Attempt

BeaverBeaver dove downBeaver unsuccessfulThird Attempt

TurtleGone for eonsCame back with mudFourth Song

Shaped mud in his handsSpread mud out on the waterMade just enough land for himselfCreating Power Sang

Enough land for Creating Power and Kangi, the crowKangi flew down and rested

Created more land

Waved the eagle featherAll land and no water

More Land

Tears were rainCovered much of the earthBecame oceans, rivers, and lakesCreating Power Wept

Took out all kinds of animals, birds, and plantsHe stamped on the earth and they all came alive

Pipe Bag

Creating Power formed men and womenDifferent color earth for different racesStamped the earth and they came aliveFrom the Earth

New worldGave people the pipelive by itRighteousTurtle Continent

The End