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  • 1. FooYearbook Some of the people

2. Doggie-Daycare Ive had a blast this year! Even with all the new changes! 3. -Cynder-And-Draco-HI. 4. madkin FOOPETS GIVES ME SUCH A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCEFROM BREEDINGS TO FASHION SHOWS, FROM SELLING TO BUYING!..JUST LIKE THE REAL DEAL OF OWNING A PET. :D 5. Tyhan-Fosterer With all the fun and memories this year my most favorite were on FooPets! :D 6. shinystuff96had and awesome time on foopets! 7. ELW42That even though foopets has made lots of changes you can still find ways to have fun! 8. GiaXPThanks so much FooPets for adding fun to my life and online friends