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Food Allergy Information Guide Best Allergy Sites “Best Allergy Sites is to bring allergy and intolerance sufferers up to date information and support”

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Food Allergy Information Guide Best Allergy SitesBest Allergy Sites is to bring allergy and intolerance sufferers up to date information and support

1Give BOTH activities as students are walking in.IntroductionWho you areWhy you do thisTreces storyWhy talking to DAP classesUW-Stout CFSCFuture advocates for childrenSchools are becoming more awareaccommodations have to be madenut-free schools

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`Best Allergy Sites is the webs first and largest informational guide of environmental allergy, food allergy and intolerance web sites and blogs.Business owners, medical professionals, educators, and writers from all over the world are manufacturing products, doing research and publishing articles and stories to help individuals manage their allergies and intolerance. Best Allergy Sites is an attempt to gather all of those resources in one place.

Our MissionThe mission behind Best Allergy Sites is to bring allergy and intolerance sufferers up to date information and support. We serve as a food allergy guide and allergy support community.

We encourage you to browse our site and see all that Best Allergy Sites has to offer.


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What is a Food Allergy?

A food allergy is defined as an immune system response. If you have a food allergy, your bodys immune system mistakenly recognizes a food protein, or allergen, as an invader and produces antibodies to fight it in an attempt to "protect" the body. A chemical called histamine is then released into the bloodstream and acts on the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, or gastrointestinal tract and causes symptoms of the allergic reaction.

4Some affects are visible (hives, coughing, vomitting) and some are not (drop in blood pressure)

Intolerance vs. AllergyIntoleranceReaction to the chemicals in foodNo immune system responseNo serious (life-threatening) side-effects Bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort

Public impressionParental interaction

5Many people believe that food allergies and food intolerances are the same thing

Food Allergy FactsWhat the experts sayDoubling of food allergy over the past 10 years, particularly peanut allergy. Latest statistics show continual increase with peanut allergy as the leading cause

~12 million Americans affected (4%)~ are peanut and/or tree nut~3 million school aged children (~8%)Onset at any age

6Not clear why there is a rise of food allergies. Many theories exist including the emphasis on sanitization. In the case of peanut allergy, one train of thought is due to the way peanuts are processed (roasting process)

Onset at any age: Melissa Mihali (32)

Food Allergy FactsWhat the experts sayFood allergy is the leading cause of serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) outside the hospital setting.

over 30,000 ER visits per year~ 175 deaths annuallyreactions caused most often outside the home and by products believed to be safeAsthma increases risk of fatal reactionAdolescents and young adults are at the highest risk

7Final point: studies have suggested that fatal reactions are most often caused by peanut allergies when epinephrine was not administered early enough.

Food Allergy FactsWhat the experts saySensitivity to the allergen can varyFor some, a speck of allergen can have the same effect as eating a large quantityFor some, skin contact with the allergen is enough to cause a reactionFor some, inhalation of the allergen can cause discomfortSensitivity is truly unknown

Affected systems can vary between individuals AND reactions

8College student who ate a cookie from the vending machine, allergist who ate a peanut free cookie at a Christmas party, but the spatula used to remove the peanut butter cookies was also used to remove the peanut-free cookie

Trece and her dad playing. Trece being licked by a dog. Cases of reactions occurring after being kissed If PB is on a surface and an allergic child touches that surface, potential problem, and then if they puts their hands in their mouths or handles their lunch/snack a problem can happen

Trece experiences on the airplane.

In fact, such small amounts of protein like those found in breastmilk can trigger a reaction (Treces first)

Eliminating the allergen not only reduces the risk of fatal reactions, but even if the individual does not ingest the protein, mild, uncomfortable reactions can occur and linger. Furthermore, unfortunately when dealing with young children, they often either put their hands in their mouths or do not wash well before eating, so skin contact can lead to ingestion

Food Allergy FactsWhat the experts sayEight foods account for 90% of all reactions


Peanut Allergy Specific1/250 of a peanut is enough to trigger a reaction (cutting a peanut in half 125 times!)

Severe allergies are typically life-long

High cross-reactivity to tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.)


Although some do outgrow peanut allergies, those individuals tend to have meticulous avoidance, no history of anaphylaxis, smaller skin/blood test results, fewer food allergies in general.

Peanut allergic individual are strongly recommended to avoid all tree nuts as well

Peanut Allergy SpecificPeanut allergies tend to cause the most severe reactions

Peanut or tree nut allergies and asthma appear to increase the risk for fatal reactions

A study (2001) of 32 cases of fatal food-allergy induced anaphylaxis showed >90% had peanut and tree nut allergies, most had asthma and emergency medication (epinephrine) was not given or not given soon enough.

A more recent study (2007) also showed a large majority of fatalities due to peanuts/tree nuts and asthma.Estimated that at least of deaths are result of peanut/tree nut


Allergic Reactions - factsSeverity of reaction can vary from mild to serious and potentially fatal

Previous reactions DO NOT indicate future reactionsAn unpredictable physiological change occurs after each exposure

Within a couple minutes to 2 hours after exposure (and in rare cases longer)Once reaction starts, progression can varyNot just a lunch-time event!

Can be biphasic

12Biphasic: could be more serious or less serious

Strict AvoidanceNo cure for food allergies

Key is helping children avoid allergensGood attitudeCareful handlingCross-contamination Label readingExpecting the Unexpected

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

14Food proximity (same plate, same bag, same platter)Using the same utensilUsing the same area/surfaceNot cleaning the area/plate/utensil thoroughlyUsing the same cooking material/machine (toaster)Transfer of allergens (nut falling into a plate, but plate not getting clean) Notice sources of cross-contact here NAME SOME

Cross-contamination at risk foods: NAME SOME

What to doRequire thorough hand washing and teeth brushing especially if you suspect a student has eaten peanuts/nuts

Clean eating and working areas carefully

Discourage food sharing

Have safe snacks and treats from family

Do not allow homemade goodies or home prepared foods (e.g. apples cut at home)

What NOT to giveIf label is ambiguous as to presence of peanut

If no label present

Home baked items

Ice cream

Bakery Items

Imported Foods

Expecting the UnexpectedWhat might contain peanuts/tree nuts?

Its NOT ONLY in the food!!!

17Activity ANSWERS

Two examples of unexpected places:

Jens wedding hazelnuts in groundsPacific Science Center in Seattle Mancala game with brazil nuts

Signs of an Allergic ReactionHivesDifficulty BreathingVomitingDiarrheaEczema FlareLightheadednessSwelling

Emergency Action PlanVaries for individual child

Action plan should be in place that is SPECIFIC for each allergic child

Know the plan

Know where the medication is located

19Require that your allergic students have an action plan and familiarize yourself with that plan.

THANK YOUYou can make a difference in the life of a food allergic. Please be an advocate.

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