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Helpful foods include oily fish, bananas, whole grains, dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate, molasses and Brazil nuts, with chocolate and bananas particularly stimulating the body to produce feel-good hormones.


  • Foods and Moods

  • Depression is a very complex issue and the condition can have a

    range of causes.

  • The most obvious of these causes is emotional problems and

    negative beliefs.

  • These emotional problems and the negative beliefs need to be tackled

    through counselling, and many people turn to hypnotherapy to

    find a solution as well.

  • But often, theres more to depression than just going

    through a tough time.

  • We all know people who have gone through experiences that

    would have plunged other folk into depression or some other

    problem. But these people just seem to bounce back.

  • It could be that these people have more hope and optimism and a

    series of positive beliefs that help them cope with tough times. Or it

    could be another factor.

  • When considering the causes of depression, the mind/body link

    should never be ignored.

  • Scientists everywhere have accepted the idea of SAD

    (seasonal affective disorder), where people who dont get

    enough sunlight have a greater tendency to depression.

  • In Scandinavian countries in particular, with their long, dark winters, more cases of clinical

    depression crop up in winter, only to be alleviated when the sun returns in spring and summer.

  • Now, this isnt a problem in the Gold Coast people come here for the sunshine, after all but there are other ways that things that happen to the body affect the

    state of the mind.

  • Diet, as you may have expected, plays a part in depression,

    although it may not be the only factor.

  • It is highly likely that vitamin deficiencies and whats in your food plays a role in a depressed


  • It probably isnt the only factor again, we probably all know

    people who eat all kinds of junk and dont have any problems with depression and also know folk who are very careful about what they eat but still have problems with

    depression and anxiety.

  • But the authorities say that diet can help alleviate some of the

    symptoms of depression and make you feel better.

  • We all know that there are certain foods that make you feel better

    emotionally everyone has comfort foods.

  • The downside of traditional comfort foods is that they are

    often high in empty calories and simple starches and can leave us with a weight loss problem,

    especially if people turn to these foods as a crutch when feeling


  • Often, these comfort foods are foods from childhood or are treat foods, and people turn to them in order to recapture the feelings of being loved and special that are

    associated with these foods.

  • If this rings a bell with you, then you might like to talk to your

    counsellor or hypnotherapist as part of a hypnosis session before

    it gets out of control.

  • But there are things that you can eat that really can make you feel better because of the way that

    they interact with your hormones and affect the chemicals in your

    brain that affect moods.

  • And the good news is that many of them are healthy for your body

    as well as for your brain.

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