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1. Foods That Make YouLook 2. INTRODUCTIONWhile there are a range of foods that willmake one cut years off the look, there existmany, on consumption of which one mightfeel older.Instead of opting for anti-ageing products,one can actually stop the consumption ofsuch foods that make you look 3. SugarThis is the biggest culprit of all.Sugar-filled diet makes one lookolder.Excess sugar in body attaches tocollagen levels.This ultimately makes the skinlook inflexible and quite 4. SALTHigher amount of salt dehydrate the body.This makes one feel fatigued,worn out, and tired.Further, excess levels results in kidneyailments and high blood 5. CoffeeCoffee and other caffeinatedproducts dehydrate the body,just like salt.One should limit their consumptionto feel energetic and youthful.CandyCandy and related products have highamount of sugar content in them.They lead to inflammation in body.Excess of consumption even makesthe skin old and 6. AlcoholWithout any doubt, alcohol is bad for health.It is not good for skin either.It leads to wrinkles, redness, puffiness,and results in loss of collagen.CarbohydratesOver consumption of carbohydrates mightdamage the fibers in the skin and even lose thecollagen in the body.It should be consumed in 7. White WineWhite Wine causes dentaldamage because of the presence of acid in it.It damages the enamel and makesthe teeth prone to stains that last for long.One should not brush the teeth immediatelyafter the consumption of white wine.Charred MeatCharred meat contains pro-inflammatoryhydrocarbons.It might result in a problem by breakingdown the collage present in the skin.One should scrape off the black stuff and even clean thegrill, so not to contaminate the next