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  • Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development LP

    Salem Harbor Redevelopment Project

    Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permit

    Response to Comments on

    Draft Permit Number NE-12-022, Transmittal Number X254064


    On September 9, 2013, notices were published in the Salem Evening News and the Boston Globe

    for public review and comment on the Draft Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD)

    Permit for the Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development LP’s Salem Harbor Redevelopment

    (SHR) Project in Salem, Massachusetts. The comment period was extended to November 1,

    2013. MassDEP also held a public hearing at the Bentley Elementary School in Salem, MA on

    Thursday, October 10, 2013. Comments were submitted by various parties during the public

    comment period.

    After careful review of all comments received, MassDEP has made a final decision to issue the

    PSD Permit. As required by 40 CFR part 124 (Procedures for Decision making), MassDEP has

    prepared this document, known as the “response to comments” (RTC) that describes and

    addresses any significant issues raised during the comment period and describes the provisions

    of the Draft PSD Permit that have been changed and the reasons for the changes. The PSD Fact

    Sheet has also been changed, to reflect changes that were made to the Draft PSD Permit.

    MassDEP’s decision making process has benefitted from the various comments and additional

    information submitted. All changes to the Draft PSD Permit are described in detail below and

    are contained in the Final PSD Permit. The analyses underlying these changes are explained in

    the PSD Fact Sheet and the responses to comments that follow.

    The Final PSD Permit and RTC are available on MassDEP’s website at . MassDEP is

    providing copies (electronic or hard copy) of the Final PSD Permit and RTC to everyone who

    commented on the Draft Permit or who requested copies of these documents. Copies of the Final

    PSD Permit also may be obtained by writing or calling MassDEP between the hours of 8:45 AM

    and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays:

    Cosmo Buttaro, Environmental Engineer

    MassDEP, Northeast Regional Office

    205A Lowell Street

    Wilmington, MA 01887

    Telephone number: (978) 694-3200


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    MassDEP reviewed the significant comments received from commenters and in many cases

    grouped related comments together. Comments expressing general opposition to, or general

    support of, the proposed facility have been noted and deemed subsumed into more specific

    comments, to which MassDEP has responded below.

    In some cases, MassDEP has included original comments nearly verbatim for the reader’s

    convenience. In others, MassDEP has included brief summaries of those comments to remind

    the reader of the topics being discussed. Even though each comment submitted has not been

    reproduced here in its entirety, and many of the details of each comment were not repeated in the

    summary comments, please be assured that MassDEP has carefully read and considered every

    comment in its entirety. The form of this RTC is simply designed to structure MassDEP’s

    responses and make them more accessible to the general public. No significance should be

    attached to the form in which MassDEP cited or summarized the original comment in this RTC.

    The complete text of every comment as submitted, and a complete copy of the transcript from

    the public hearing, is in the administrative record and available by request.



    1. Ida E. McDonnell, United States Environmental Protection Agency

    10/30/13 emailed letter

    11/1/13 hard copy letter

    2. John Keenan, Massachusetts State Representative

    Oral testimony at hearing

    3. George W. Atkins, Patricia Maguire Meservey, The Salem Partnership

    10/31/13 hard copy letter

    4. Jeff Barz-Snell, Salem Resident, Salem Alliance for the Environment (SAFE)

    Oral testimony at hearing

    5. Jane Bright, HealthLink Oral testimony at hearing 11/1/13 emailed letter and email comment

    6. Jeff Brooks, Salem Resident Oral testimony at hearing 10/14/13 and 11/1/13 emails, and 10/17/13


    7. Paul R. Campbell, Pipe Fitters Local 537

    Oral testimony at hearing

    8. Shanna Cleveland, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and Elizabeth

    Michaud, Michel Beheshti, Jeff Brooks,

    Andrea Celestine, William Dearstyne,

    Linda Haley, Douglas Haley,

    HealthLink, Clean Water Action, Jane

    Bright, Martha Dansdill, Rosalind

    Nadeau, Sue Kirby (350

    Massachusetts), Dorian Williams (a

    Better Future Project-350

    Massachusetts), Jody Howard, Marlene


    11/1/13 emailed letter

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    9. Dominic Cucinotti, Salem Resident 10/21/13 email

    10. Sonja Cucinotti, Salem Resident 10/18/13 email

    11. William E. Dearstyne, Salem Resident 11/1/13 emailed letter

    12. Rob DeRosier, Salem Resident, Salem Chamber of Commerce President,

    Footprint Power Salem Harbor

    Operations LLC Environmental Health

    and Safety Manager

    Oral testimony at hearing

    13. Elise Desmond, Milton Resident 10/5/13 email

    14. George Economides, Salem Resident 10/13/13 email

    15. Ken Eisenberg, Cambridge Resident 10/24/13 email

    16. Meghan Emmers Oral testimony at hearing

    17. Timothy Fandel, Plumbers and Gas Fitters Local 12

    Oral testimony at hearing

    18. Pat Gozemba, Salem Alliance for the Environment (SAFE)

    Oral testimony at hearing

    Written testimony at hearing

    19. Linda Haley, Marblehead Resident Oral testimony at hearing 11/1/13 emailed letter

    20. Susan Kirby, Salem Resident, 350 Massachusetts

    Oral testimony at hearing

    11/1/13 emailed letter

    21. Robert Liani, Jr., Coffee Time Bake Shop, Salem, Salem Chamber of


    Oral testimony at hearing

    22. Lauren A. Liss, Rubin and Rudman LLP on behalf of Footprint Power

    Salem Harbor Development LP

    11/1/13 emailed letter

    11/4/13 hard copy letter

    23. Alison Miller, Salem Resident 11/1/13 emailed letter

    24. Lynn Nadeau, HealthLink Oral testimony at hearing 11/1/13 emailed letter

    25. George Pyros, Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc.

    10/1/13 emailed letter, 10/7/13 email

    26. Nancy Ramsden, Salem Resident 10/21/13 email

    27. Sue Reid, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)

    Oral testimony at hearing

    28. Wallace and Clare Ritchie, Salem Residents

    10/19/13 email

    29. Stan Rogowski 10/20/13 email

    30. Scott Silverstein, Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development LP

    Oral testimony at hearing

    Presentation Slides received in 10/11/13 e-mail

    31. Robert J. Wengronowitz, Boston College Student

    10/14/13 email

    32. Dorian Williams, Medford Resident, A Better Future Project

    Oral testimony at hearing

    33. Ed Wolfe, Salem Resident Oral testimony at hearing

    34. Patricia Zaido, The Salem Partnership Oral testimony at hearing

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    Changes to the PSD Permit

    The following is the list of revisions that MassDEP made from the Draft PSD Permit to the final

    PSD Permit based upon comments received. The list includes a brief description of the revision,

    and the location in the RTC document and PSD Fact Sheet where MassDEP provides a more

    detailed description of the revision.

     The Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analyses for all subject PSD pollutants, for all emission units contained in the Applicant’s PSD permit application have been

    attached to the PSD Fact Sheet as Appendix 1 (pages 42 – 105, below).

     All references to Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) have been removed from the PSD permit and the PSD Fact Sheet, with exception that the reader is directed to the

    MassDEP CPA Approval for an explanation of the LAER determination. LAER and

    Nonattainment review is a state regulated program, administered at 310 CMR 7.00

    Appendix A. An explanation of these issues can be found in the MassDEP CPA Approval

    concurrently issued with the PSD Permit for the SHR Project.

     Since all references to LAER have been removed from the PSD Permit and PSD Fact Sheet, any comparison of LAER to BACT is no longer germane to the PSD Permit or

    PSD Fact Sheet. However, a comment was received regarding the LAER and BACT

    emission limits and associated control strategies. As such, this issue is addressed within

    the BACT and LAER sections of this Response to Comments (RTC) document.

     MassDEP utilized the EPA October 1990 draft New Source Review Workshop Manual and the MassDEP June 2011 BACT guidance document for the evaluation of BACT for

    this project including the evaluation of energy, environmental and economic impacts of

    all control options in its selection of BACT for each pollutant. Additi


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