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  • From: Dena Pate gatorpate2@gmail.comSubject: School Supplies for Kid's Bible Club school supply drive

    Date: June 3, 2015 at 11:20 AMTo: My wonderful husband Gary Pate

    For teamsDear Mission Team group leader,We are holding a School Supply Drive for the kids in our remote Kids Bible Clubs. In most of these areas there are no stores of any kind and in most cases there is no money changing hands in the community, meaning most families trade chickens, pigs, beef, veggies or services for items they need within their communities. We have about 300 children in total. If your team would like to bring any of these items or provide the funds for any of these items, we would be greatly appreciative. We are hoping to present the string back-packs filled with the items listed below by the middle of August.

    Here is the list of school supplies. We will take any number of one group will need to full fill any one line item, unless they want to.

    Also, because this is being sent out to 6 missions teams, please respond if your team would like to help in this project and what you think you might like to do so there is not too much overlap.

    Ecuador School Supplies - I cannot say that the Ecuadorian product quality for these items are very good, especially the crayons, however there are some that are 6-10 times more expensive than the US, but the prices listed below are the lowest/cheapest products for buying here in Ecuador. Need 300-325 of each. We have already bought and paid for 400 string backpacks. We have given most of the kids New Testaments already in which they bring to the club each week, faithfully.

    Markers, crayons and colored pencils were on the lists, but I am not sure that we need to give them markers too.$ 1.00 each pack colored pencils - 12 pencils$ 1.95 each pack crayons 8 ct box$ .20 for 2 pencils$ .12 each red pen (high school)$ .12 each blue pen $ .50 two red/blue combo pencils (grade school)$ .55 each scissors$ .20 each 2 inch long eraser, not the pencil top types$ .20 each sharpener$ .15 each ruler$ 2.00 for 2 small notebooks$1.10 each pack markers$4.00 each Complete Spanish Bible - paperback

    $12.09 per child with Bible$ 8.09 per child without Bible

    We can always give away kids shirts and baby clothes too if you were to bring any.

    Blessings,Dena J. PateMissionaries to the Children of EcuadorFor the children Ecuador, Inc.gatorpate2@gmail.comwww.pateministries.org904.879.1396