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  • 1. INSIGHT Why arent we continuously connected to one of our most expensive and precious possessions? We created an iPhone app, which changes the way we protect and care for our cars and trucks. CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION Our app provides unlimited access to a vehicles engine and other important systems. Its an entirely new way to relate to our beloved vehicle on a continuous basis. TARGET Car and truck buyers with an iPhone. MEDIUM Its a revolutionary app which will drive sales for Ford.

2. App Home Screen Touch map to access Map+Meter page. 3. Input parking meter time to keep track of your timer. Explanation of screen 4. Push Notification Message sent to phone when vehicle is in motion. 5. WHY? It satisfies basic needs of all car and truck owners, which have never been addressed before. WHY WASNT IT POSSIBLE 5 YEAR AGO? The technology to sync a vehicle with a handheld device was only recently developed.