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Formal vs. Informal Language. Materials: worksheet, pen/pencil. DO NOT WORK AHEAD!. DIRECTIONS. Fill in the blanks as you view the slides. Remember. = eyes (look & listen) = write (worksheet). Formal Language. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Formal vs. Informal Language

    Materials: worksheet, pen/pencil


  • DIRECTIONSFill in the blanks as you view the slides.

  • Remember

  • Formal LanguageIs used when you want to make a good impression on people in respected positions. You speak in a more traditional way and use longer forms of words when you want to be formal. Use formal language when writing research paper, essays, etc.

  • Formal Language WORKSHEET Characteristics of formal language: no __________, no contractions, and complex sentences.

    CHARACTERISTICSNo slangNo contractions (shouldve, cant)Complex, complete sentences Avoid the use of personal pronouns (I, you, me) when writing essays, research papers, etc.

  • USE FORMAL LANGUAGE WITH WORKSHEET Who would use formal language with (two examples)? TeachersPrincipalsCounselorsDoctorsFirefightersPolice officers

    Who else?*use in research papers, essays, business letters, etc.

  • Formal Language EXAMPLEThis is to inform you that your book has been rejected by our publishing company as it was not up to the required standard. In case you would like us to reconsider it, we would suggest that you go over it and make some necessary changes.

  • Formal Language WORKSHEET What words would you use to describe formal language? Looks likeStanding or sitting straighter than usual

    Sounds likeHello, Mrs. SmithPlease, may ILovely to meet you.

  • Informal LanguageIs used when you talk to peers or well-known adults. You might speak in a more relaxed way by using slang and shorter forms of words.

  • Informal Language WORKSHEET Characteristics of informal language: slang is allowed, ____________ are allowed, and simple sentences.

    CHARACTERISTICSSlang is allowedContractions are allowed (shouldve, cant)Simple grammatical structure

  • USE INFORMAL LANGUAGE WITH WORKSHEET Who would you use informal language with (two examples)? Your best friendYour sisterYour brotherYour cousin

    Who else?*use in friendly letters, etc.

  • Informal Language EXAMPLEYa know that book I wrote? Well, the publishing company rejected it. They thought it was awful. But hey, I did the best I could, and I think it was great. Im not gonna redo it the way they said I should.

  • Informal WORKSHEET What words would you use to describe informal language? Looks likeStanding or sitting in a relaxed position

    Sounds likeUsing slangHiWhat are ya doin?Whats up?

  • FormalInformalProducts can be ordered fromWe just get productsfrom Personally, I prefer... I love/ I likeA final and equally important point is... Last but not least... Jacobs: Good evening, I am Jane Jacobs from the Jiffy City Publishing.Stevens: How do you do? I am pleased to finally meet you. Please have a seat.Jacobs: Hey there, I'm Jane Jacobs from City Publishing.

    Stevens: Hi, come have a seat.

  • Change to FormalActivity 1 -- worksheetHi.Okay!Will ya?Ya gotta go!What do you want?YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE! GO!Be prepared to share with a neighbor!

  • Change to FormalAct. 1 worksheet POSSIBLE ANSWERSHi.Hello.Okay!That sounds delightful!Will ya?Would you like to participate?Ya gotta go!It is a requirement that you attend!What do you want?May I help/assist you?

  • Change to InformalActivity 2 - worksheetI would be delighted!I certainly am grateful for this.It has been a pleasure meeting you.Could you possibly assist me with this assignment?YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES! GO!Be prepared to share with a neighbor!

  • Change to InformalAct. 2 worksheet POSSIBLE ANSWERSI would be delighted!Id like to!I certainly am grateful for this.Appreciate it. / Thanks.It has been a pleasure meeting you.Its been real.Could you possibly assist me with this assignment?Can you help me out?

  • Formal or Informal?Activity 3 OUT LOUD

    Is the statement formal or informal?

  • Formal or Informal? Activity 3You call your mom at work and her boss answers the phone.formalYou are talking to your friend after school. informalYou are talking to your teacher about a low grade you do not think you deserve. formalYou are trying to convince your father to let you spend the summer in England with your friends family. formal

  • Practice 4 OUT LOUDmultiple-choice practice questions(A, B, C, or D)

  • ACTIVITY 4 OUT LOUD1. Choose the sentence that would be appropriate in a letter to a friend but NOT appropriate in a formal report.A Most of them live in water, but a few species make their home on land.B More than four thousand different types of crabs exist around the world.C This is cool because crab claws are a favorite food of everyone I know.D Depending on a crabs habitat, the size of its claw can vary considerably.ANSWER - C

  • Activity 4 -- OUT LOUD2. Read the following paragraph from a formal report. Choose the sentence in which the language is inappropriate.(1) In a nuclear reaction, changes occur in the nucleus, or center, of an atom. (2) When two nuclei join in a nuclear reaction, the nucleus of a larger atom forms. (3) In this process that we call nuclear fusion, lots and lots of energy is released. (4) A high temperature and extreme pressure are necessary for nuclear fusion to occur.A Sentence 1 -- B Sentence 2 -- C Sentence 3 -- D Sentence 4Answer - c

  • Activity 4 -- OUT LOUD3. Choose the sentence that would be most appropriate in a formal paper.A Jellyfish are a kind of simple animal with two layers of cells and jelly stuff in between.B Jellyfish are simple animals with two layers of cells having a jelly-like substance between them.C If you look carefully at jellyfish, youll find two layers of cells with jelly in between.D Jellyfish are these simple animals with two layers of cells with a jelly substance between them.Answer - B

  • MORE PRACTICE!Complete the remaining activities.You may work with a partner.



  • TASK 1. Can you think of a formal way of saying these words or phrases?

    -new -phone you back-get your money back -pay your bill -TV - buy

  • POSSIBLE ANSWERS -- TASK 1. Can you think of a formal way of saying these words or phrases?-new -phone you back-get your money back -pay your bill -TV - buy

  • TASK 2. Can you think of an informal way of saying the following words or phrases?

    -grandfather -sincere-child -accept-a great deal of -communication-bravery-retail outlet-spectacles -satisfactory

  • POSSIBLE ANSWERS TASK 2. Can you think of an informal way of saying the following words or phrases?

    -grandfather -sincere-child -accept-a great deal of -communication-bravery-retail outlet-attire -satisfactory

  • TASK 3. Circle the correct answer.

    1. Choose the sentence that is appropriate in a research paper.A Nebulae perform like magicians to turn stardust into human beings.B Nebulae are vast clouds of gas where stars are forming.C Nebulae may look like seashells, turtles, even butterflies.Answer - B

  • TASK 3. Circle the correct answer.

    2. Identify the sentence that would be inappropriate for a formal course catalog.A Insect relationships to habitats are recorded and interpreted.B An introduction to the ethnic diversity of American literature is presented.C An in-depth exploration of history, technique, and everything you need to know about filmmaking is offered.Answer - C

  • TASK 4. Match the informal word/phrase to its formal version.

    A. I strongly recommend you to...B. Wait for one momentC. In the event of any delay D. How are you?E. I find the situation unacceptableF. Good morningG. I am writing with reference to...H. I wonder if it would be possible to?

    1____ If you are late2____ Hi3____ Why dont you...?4____ Could you...?5____ Its just not cool!6____ Hang on a minute7____ Just wanted to let you know that...8____ Whats up?

    Task 5. - List THREE slang words/phrases and their definitions. ANSWERS WILL VARY.

  • ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES - Use your own paper!

    Activity A -Write the formal version of each slang word/phrase defined in Activity A.Activity B - Circle the informal words in the sentences. Then, rewrite each sentence more formally.1. Were driving the kids to the park.2. Can I hang at your crib until my rents get home?3. He was ogling the chicks.4. The play was wicked.5. Youre lame if you like doing that sort of thing.6. Kyle is heading over to Johns place.7. Hes starting to tick me off.8. I aint got no time for this.9. Are you gonna give me a ride?10. Sue doesnt wanna go to the mall this Friday.11. Heather looked for the silly kid.12. Hang on to my glasses for me.