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  • 8/3/2019 formvisa_2010


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    nh / PHOTO3.54.5

    1.H/Surname 3. 4.Giitnh/Gender

    Nam/M N/F

    nh / PHOTO3.54.5

    2.Tn/Given Names 5.Ngy thng nam sinh/D.O.B

    nh / PHOTO


    6.Qu c tch/Nationality 7.Sinh ti nuc no?/Country of Birth

    nh / PHOTO3.54.5

    8.a ch nh/Home Address

    nh / PHOTO3.54.5 thoi nh/Phone No. 10.TD/CELL

    nh / PHOTO3.54.5

    11.E-mail 12. S CMND/National Identity Number


    13.S hchi u /Passport No.

    14.Loi hchi u/Classification NG CV PT.Loi khc

    DP(), OF(), OR(),OTHERS()


    15.Noi c p/Place of Issue

    16.Ngy c p/Date of Issue

    17.Ngy h t hn/Date of Expiry


    18.Ngh nghip/Occupation

    19.Tco quan/Business Phone No.


    20.Tn v da ch cng ty/Name and Address of Present Employer

    Tnh trnghn nhn/Martial


    21. k t hn /married Goch ng(v)/ widowed Chua k t hn/ Single ly hn/divorced

    Tnh trnghn nhn/Martialstatus

    22.Tn ch ng(v)/Spouse's Name

    23.Ngy thng nam sinhc a ch ng(v) /Spouse's Date of Birth

    Tnh trnghn nhn/Martialstatus

    24.Qu c tch c a ch ng(v) /Spouse's Nationality

    25.T c a ch ng(v) /Spouse's TEL

    26.Mc dch nhp c nh/Purpose of Entry

    27.Thi gian ddnh luu tr/Potential Length of Stay

    28.Ngy ddnh nhp c nh/Probable Date of Entry

    29.S l n nhp c nh HQ (n u c) /Previous Visit (If Any)

    30.a ch ti Hn Qu c /Address in Korea thoi ti Hn Qu c/Phone Korea

    32.Ngui tr chi ph cho chuy n di /Who Will Pay For The Expense For Your Stay?

    33.Cc qu c gia d nhp c nh trong vng 5 nam qua /Countries You Have Travelled During The Past 5 Years

    Please note that C-series visa holders are not able to change their residential status after entry into Republic of 29.Korea pursuant to the first clause of article 9 of Immigration Regulation34.Nguo dicng/AccompanyingFamily


    Qu c tch/Nationality Hv Tn/NameNgy thng namsinh/D.O.B


    34.Nguo dicng

    /AccompanyingFamily34.Nguo dicng/AccompanyingFamily35.Ngui b o lnh ti HnQu c /Guarantor orReference in


    Qu c tch/Nationality Hv Tn/NameNgy thng namsinh/D.O.B


  • 8/3/2019 formvisa_2010


  • 8/3/2019 formvisa_2010


    Write down the number of the Confirmation of Visa Issuance, if applicable.1~2. Write down the name as printed in your passport. Surname is last name and given name is firstname.3. If you have the Chinese character name, write down in Chinese character. Only for people from countries that use chinese character.

    4. To mark your gender, check a bracket below.5. Write down the date of birth in the order of date, month, and year.6. Write down your nationality.7. Write down the name of the country you were born in.

    8.~11. Write down your address, phone number, email, and mobile phone number in your home country.13.~17. Write down the type of your passport (see your passport) and draw a circle around theappropriate one. DP(Diplomatic Passport), OF(Official Passport), OR(Ordinary Passport)

    18.~20. Write down your occupation and the nameaddressphone number of your company.21.~25. Write down personal data of your spouse, if you are married.29. Write down how many times you have visited Korea.30.~31. Write down the address and phone number of a place you are going to stay after arriving inKorea. If they are undecided, write down "undecided."32. Write down who will bear the cost of your stay in Korea. (name, relation)34. If you are a spouse or a child under the age of 20 of a person who holds the visa status of Cultureand Art(D-1), Student(D-2), General Training(D-4) through Particular Occupation(E-7), fill these blanks.

    35. Write down the name of person who sponsors your visa. A sponsor may be a non-korean.