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1. Wherever People Are Meeting, Eating, or Standing in Line We Give Them Something to Look At What We Give Them To Look At Is Information About You and Your Company 2. Moving Ads Are 44 Percent More Effective Than Still Ads. We Will Design A Moving Ad for You At No Extra Cost Your Ad is Guaranteed to Run At Least 1200 Times per Month per Location for 8 location Thats 9,600 Times a Month Your Ad Will be seen Your ad Will Run For 10 Seconds which is 6 Seconds more than you need to read it. 3. Monthly Traffic 1,600,000 Floridas Largest Mall 350 Retail Stores Demographic Information Trade area population 1,966,341 Average annual Household income $76,849 Location #1 4. Concerts 5,500 people Hotel and Casino Shopping Mall Restaurants Nightclubs Location #2 5. And More! Suite 100 Location #3 6. Pictur e of front of Disalvo HOLLYWOOD: EMERALD WOODS PLAZA (Stirling Rd at N. 46 Ave, Emerald Hills) 4190 North 46 Avenue Location #4 7. ArtsPark at Young CircleShopping Downtown Dining Events Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Location #5 8. Sheridan Plaza 4800 Sheridan Street Hollywood 2011 Estimates - Sites USA 1 mile 3 miles 5 miles Population 16,809 140,908 364,234 Number of Households 6,731 55,460 141,610 Average Household Income $87,347 $62,808 $61,121 Daytime Population: 231,992 And 47 More Stores Location #6 9. Located right next to I95, on Taft Street in Hollywood Location #7 10. Over the Edge Salon and Spa 4006 North 46th Avenue Hollywood, FL 33021 (954) 893-9272 Mon By Appointment Only Tue 9:00am - 5:00pm Wed-Fri 9:00am - 8:00pm Sat 8:30am - 6:00pm Sun By Appointment Only 50 Hours a Week of Play Time 200 a Month of Play Time Location #8 11. Your ad is seen multiple times on every visit this frequency has incredible value It brands Your Company in the Mind of Your Present and Future Customers