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  • Fortimo

    LED Fortimo FastFlex IP Multi-connector


    FastFlex IP Multi-connector Fortimo FastFlex IP is an integrated module solution with IP66 protection, excellent optical and heat management that offers high energy efficacy and optimized quality of light. Fortimo FastFlex IP products are designed to enable optimized LED lighting in Outdoor (streets and roads) as well as in Industry (high bay) applications. The entire system set includes FastFlex IP module, IP67 driver and a multi connector, creating a total IP solution perfect for easy design–in in outdoor and industry applications. The FastFlex IP multi-connector provides easy wire connection between module and driver with IP67 protection. It comes in 2/3 and 2/5 configurations.

    Key features and benefits • IP67 protection • Available in 1-3, and 1-5 for different combination • Meet CSA standard • Easy wiring • Easy to design in

    December 2018

  • Ordering data

    Commercial product name 12NC Box quantity FastFlex IP Multi-connector 1-3 9290 014 29380 150

    FastFlex IP Multi-connector 1-5 9290 014 29480 80

    FastFlex IP Flying Wires Connector 9290 014 65280 500

    2 Datasheet - Fortimo FastFlex IP Multi-connector December, 2018

  • Mechanical characteristics

    FastFlex IP Multi-connector 1-3

    FastFlex IP Multi-connector 1-5

    FastFlex IP Flying Wires Connector

    3 Datasheet - Fortimo FastFlex IP Multi-connector December, 2018

  • Application information

    Certificates and Standards

    Application IP rating 67


    Fortimo FastFlex IP modules can be connected using the cable interface This cable allows connection with fixed and dimmable single output

    drivers and serial connection from 1 and up to 5 modules.
    To secure the long-term reliability of the module and application, below

    instructions have to be followed strictly.
    - Putting too much stress on the cables or bending the cables too much can cause seals to leak.

    The diameter of the bending circle should not be smaller than 25mm.
    - The water proof connector has to be fully tightened to prevent the

    water leaking into the connection in the field application.
    - Intense exposure of connectors, cables and 1-n multi-connectors to sunlight

    (UV) will make the seals brittle over time causing water leaks. It is recommended to cover the electrical connections to avoid this risk, also to

    avoid cables being damaged by wildlife.
    - Cannot be used in a marine environment without additional protection against salt.

    4 Datasheet - Fortimo FastFlex IP Multi-connector December, 2018

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