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Four Diamonds Mini-THON. Southern Middle School’s stand for childhood cancer. Mini-THON 2010. SMS Mini-THON 2010. Last year … 120+ SMS students participated Students sang karaoke, competed in team games, heard a band, met a Four Diamonds child & DANCED! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Four Diamonds Mini-THONSouthern Middle Schools stand for childhood cancer

  • Mini-THON 2010

  • SMS Mini-THON 2010Last year 120+ SMS students participated Students sang karaoke, competed in team games, heard a band, met a Four Diamonds child & DANCED!The students raised over $11,000 for kids with cancer!

  • The Story of the Four DiamondsEntering 8th grade in 1972, Christopher Millard was asked to write an essay recounting the experiences of his summer. However, Christophers memories of the past summer consisted only of pain and sickness from battling cancer.

  • Instead, Christopher wrote a tale of Medieval Times entitled The Four Diamonds. The story follows the heroic young knight Sir Millard on a quest to capture Four Diamonds of Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, & Strength that will defeat an evil sorceress. The Story of the Four Diamonds

  • Unfortunately, unlike the valiant Sir Millard, Christopher was unable to defeat the evils of cancer.The Story of the Four Diamonds

  • In tribute to their fourteen year old son, Charles and Irma Millard founded The Four Diamonds Fund.Their dream was to develop a fund to provide financial assistance for children battling cancer at the Hershey Medical Center.The History of the Four Diamonds

  • Today, thanks to the dream of the Millards, the Four Diamonds Fund provides:Direct Financial Support-for treatment & added family supportNursing-working exclusively with the childrenChild Life-education and therapy for the childrenResearch-new initiatives to find a cureSocial Workers-support exclusively for the Four Diamonds Families The History of the Four Diamonds

  • So where does the Four Diamonds Fund get the money to do it all?

  • Penn State Dance MaraTHONThis is the largest charity event in the world run completely by students. Organized & run by over 15,000 student volunteers with 700 dancers, it is the largest organization at Penn State.The dance marathon gives the Four Diamonds Fund 90% of its income.

  • Dancers stay on their feet for 46 hours thats almost 2 days to raise money for the Four Diamonds kids.The event takes place at the end of February each year and is held in the Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State.Since the 1970s, THON has become a national buzz: Penn State students are making a difference in the lives of kids with cancer.Penn State Dance MaraTHON

  • In 2010, Penn State THON raised $7,838,054!And its contagious Penn State Dance MaraTHON

  • Four Diamond Mini-THONsFor years, high schools and middle schools have been holding mini dance maraTHONs of their own.local Mini-THONsSpring Grove Middle SchoolDover Area High SchoolEastern York High SchoolRed Lion High SchoolHanover High SchoolKennard-Dale High SchoolSouth Western High SchoolLittlestown High SchoolHempfield High School

  • We are proud to present our Mini-THON 2011 line dance!

  • SMS Mini-THON Get Involved!BECOME THE STAR OF THON - DANCE!In order to participate, you will need to raise $25 in pledges for the Four Diamonds FundOnce you have raised the money, a registration fee will gain you entrance to the danceAt this dance, you will be standing for 7 hours!Once at the dance, there will be games, activities, music, prizes & lots of food and drink!

  • But really, why should I participate?to be a part of the largest dance youve ever seenhave fun & hang out with your friendsto win free prizesto help raise money for kids with cancerSMS Mini-THON Get Involved!

  • HOW CAN I RAISE MONEY?Ask relatives, neighbors, & friends to donate any money that they canAsk your church or organizations in which you are involvedCall businesses and ask them to donateGet a can from Miss S. and ask an adult if you can put it in their office or lunch roomSMS Mini-THON Get Involved!

  • Next Step(white form) Participant Registration Form/Medical Information Form AND A $10 registration fee (cash or check made out to Southern Middle School) due Tuesday, February 8 At that time, you will received your fundraising envelope & pledge form(colored paper) Mini-THON Rules and Regulations instructs participants on what can be expectedALL PAPERS will be distributed on the way out of the auditorium

    SMS Mini-THON Get Involved!

  • Please welcome Rob & Mara Zomok, a Four Diamonds Family!

  • SMS MiniTHONWHO: SMS studentsWHAT: SMS Mini-THONWHERE: SMS Cafeteria WHEN: Friday, March 4, 2011 12-7 pmWHY: For The Kids (FTK)