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Frank Kresin - Waag Society


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Artistic Research, Critical Design & Social Innovation

Frank Kresin Research Director

@kresin / [email protected]

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• For self expression and communication

• Linking people, groups, communities

• Sharing thoughts, blueprints, algorithms

• Reflecting & understanding

And discovering it’s underlying meaning.


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Waag Labs

Creative Care Lab Wet Lab

Open Design Lab

Future Internet Lab

Creative Learning Lab

Urban Reality Lab

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Knowledge institutes

Developer hubs


Innovation labs

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Enabler2-Amsterdam Economic Board: PPP’s, business community, experiences from pilots

Enabler1-EU projects, network, real-time experiments, access to novel technologies, ENOLL living labs

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Ecosytem Evangelists

Ivonne Jansen-Dings, Waag Society (hackathons)

Arjen Hof- Civity���(open data)

CTO Office Amsterdam

Ger Baron CTO

Willem Koeman (PPP’s)

Katalin Gallyas

Policy, frameworks, Funds

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Development Community

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Ecosystem actors

• PeersForum Virium, FutureEverything, FING, Ars Electronica, I2Cat, ..

• Cities Amsterdam, Helsinki, Manchester, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, …

• Companies Cisco, CMG, IBM, Glimworm, ..

• Knowledge Institutes Aalto, MIT, Esade Business School, Dundee, ..

• Funding H2020, Creative Europe, Erasmus+, FI-PPP, AAL

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Ecosystem Amsterdam I

Culture • Netherlands, Amsterdam especially, is full of networkers, wanting to collaborate for mutual benefit • Players are to-the-point, direct, mostly non-political • Short lines between different kinds of stakeholders • Sometimes: looking for too short-term effect • So: need to find the rights partners that want to innovate with you

Policy • Feedback loops from civil society & companies do exist. • Amsterdam invites people in and helps to organise • Keen eye for bottom-up development, and connecting to bottum-up developers • Policy mindset is favorable to novelty and innovation. • A lot is learned from international cooperation

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Ecosystem Amsterdam II

Support • There is a very active layer of support structures available: • Non-governmental institutions • Foundations • Funding agencies • Accelerators • Knowledge institute • Civil society groups

• The culture is informal, which makes professionals easy to access • The internet, business & financial support structures are well developed

Markets • Amsterdam is the Netherlands most important & vibrant creative design hub • Lots of startups, student, talent • Lots of business clubs, networking agencies • Openness to disruptive innovation (Uber, AirBNB) • However: thers is not a Silicon Valley startup culture (yet)

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Ecosystem Amsterdam III

Human Capital • A large number of talented individuals is available • Many (Eastern Europeans, Chinese & Indians) come to study in NL • Short ties to educational & research institutions • Actors are generally good at networking • Entrepreneurship starting to become bigger

Finance • Top-sector Creative Industries • Government invests in accelerators • Crowdfunding becomes available • Funding for collaborations between universities and companies • Tax reduction in innovation • Tax reduction for start-up companies • European funding for start-ups and large integrated projects

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Smart Citizen Kit

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• True innovation takes a leap of faith: chose your partners and sponsors wisely

• Ecosystems need to be nurtured: you have to give before you take

• Ecosystems are about people, therefore about trust

• It can take considerable time to get to know itand for them to know you

• There are always more ways to get there

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What design can do for government

• Retain a focus on the user / citizen • Give a structure for being creative about

problem-solving • Test iterations of possible solutions in

order to learn more about the problem • Identify new, more relevant ideas and

services and steward them through delivery • Engage users (citizens and employees) in

the design of change.

Design Council, UK: Restarting Britain

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Waag Values

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Creative Research

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Value we bring

• Neutral, non-profit space to gather and think outside of the box

• Human centered co-creation practice • Communities of users and civil society • Design Thinking practices • Bringing art & culture in the process • Extensive network / ecosystem • Hands-on technology knowledge • International scouting of new ideas

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Developing Service & Business

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Fablab Amsterdam

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Activities & Services

• Linking arts, science, technology & society • Human centered development • Facilitating innovation processes • Consultancy, workshops & brainstorms • Visualizations, demonstrators & prototypes • Incubating products • Organizing events &

competitions • Academy programme

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Cost structure Revenue streams

Key resources

Key activities

Key partners

Value proposition

Costumer relationships

Costumer segments




Critical ���Design

Companies (small/large)


Fund Research���Funding


Social ���Innovation






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Delivering to the Real World

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Design Rules for Smarter Cities

• Your citizens know more than you. • Prototype early and fast, engage the stakeholders, iterate quickly and be

prepared to start all over. • Embrace self-organisation and civic initiative, but help to make the results

sustainable and scalable. • Know what you are talking about in the face of technology. Never rely on

consultants that will sell you more consultancy, not solutions. • Have binding decisions made at the lowest level possible and actively preach

self-governance. • Favour loosely coupled, smaller systems over monoliths and mastodons, and

use peer-defined standards to glue together the parts. Small systems tend to fail sometimes; large systems fail for sure.

• To raise and deserve trust, build systems based on data reciprocity and transparency.

• Reuse existing parts and design your additions for reuse, adding to the public domain and thereby strengthening its capacity to act and learn.


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Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69 1011 HB Amsterdam

Frank [email protected]@kresin