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Chopin was born March 1, 1810 in Zelazowa Wola, Poland. He died October 17, 1848 in Paris.

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Chopin's Birthplace - now a museum

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Chopin's original piano at the museum

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By the age of 7, Chopin had composed two Polonaises. The child prodigy was featured in the Warsaw newspapers, and he became the attraction at receptions given by aristocrats in and around Warsaw.

Chopin gave his first piano recital at the age of 8 at the Warsaw Concert Hall.

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Chopin preferred intimate settings for a recital, like the home of Count and Countess Radziwil, as he didn't like large concert halls.

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When visiting Vienna, he heard about an uprising in Warsaw, and decided not to return to Poland.

He stayed in Vienna after which he visited Munich and Stuttgart Germany, where he learned of Poland's occupation by the Russian army.

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At the age of 20, and already composed many works for the piano, Chopin moved to Paris.

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In Paris, Chopin formed friendships with Franz Lizst, Hector Berlioz, Felix Mendelssohn and Vincenzo Bellini.

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In 1838, Chopin was already very ill with tuberculosis.

He had to give private classes and perform in public to support himself, leaving little time for what he really wanted to do... compose for the piano.

His friend Eugene Delacroix painted this portrait.

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In 1836, at a party hosted by Countess Marie d'Agoult, fiancee of composer Franz Liszt, Chopin met Baroness Dudevant, better known by her pseudonym George Sand, the writer.

Franz Lizst

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Baroness Dudevant fell in love with Chopin and wanted to take care of him so that his health would improve. They spent long summers at her country estate "Nohant."

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Chopin spent 1838 to 1847 in Nohant, where his health improved considerably.

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In 1845, problems emerged in Chopin's relationship with the Baroness. This caused deterioration in his health. These problems eventually brought an end to their relationship in 1847.

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In 1847, Chopin gave concerts in England and Scotland even though he was severely ill.

He returned to Paris in 1848 but was gravely ill but was unable to teach or perform.

His sister Ludwika came from Poland to care for him. He died in his home on October 17, 1848.

Shortly before his death.

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Cast of Chopin's right hand and his death mask. Nearly 3,000 people attended his funeral at The Church of the Madeleine in Paris. By his requesy, Mozart's Requiem was sung at his funeral.

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Chopin was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Because he has a fear of being buried alive, his heart was removed and sent in an urn to Warsaw.

There it was sealed in a pillar in the Church of the Holy Cross. His grave attracts many visitors and is always decorated with flowers.

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This is the pillar in the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw where the urn with Chopin's heart is buried.

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