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This is about Free Energy Generation. Its possible methods and importance. Because of some's challenges are not Disclosed. for more information visit me or go for google.


  • 1. Free Energy Generator Engineering Mechanics Deepak Raj Kurrey APG Shimla University

2. Content Introduction Objective Methodology Result Advantage Evolution Summary Conclusion 3. Introduction Energy Generators Here, it is a machine which Generates electricity with the help of Fossil Fuel, Hydel Energy, Solar Energy, Tidal Energy, Wind Energy, or Geo-Thermal Energy. For example Thermal Power Plant, Diesel Generator, Hydel Power Plant, etc. Free Energy Generator It is a Self Powered system which generates electricity, or we can say it Recycles Electricity Fed to it, for itself and outside the system, continuously. We will continue further in next slide. 4. Project Description Objective The concept of Free Energy Generator can be used for generating electricity without using any Fossil Fuel, and any other mean, which means to generate Free Electricity. 5. Methodology Methods Mechanical Using Motors and Generators Electronics Using Electronic Components Mechanical Method It may be comprised of an alternator, a motor, a battery. Electronic Method It can be set-up by using Inductors, Cores, Magnets and Capacitors. 6. Mechanical Method In this method, an alternator is coupled with an Induction motor. Which is powered by an external source of energy for Initiation of the process. Once the process has been started, electricity generated is switched as a supply of the Motor which is running the Alternator, which make them Mutually Powered or Self Powered. It is better shown in the video. 7. Electronics Method In this method, some basic electronic components like inductor, capacitor, resistor, mosfet, etc are used. An external source initiates the process. After initialization, it powers itself. Here is an example shown in the video. 8. Results It is Eco-friendly and Economical. Process needs external energy for Initialization, only. Process follows effluence nature. It can be used for Domestic purpose only. Needs Improvement. 9. Advantages It is very Eco-Friendly. It is very Economical for domestic purpose. It can get one rid off Power Supply Companies for one time investment. 10. Evolution 11. Earlier iDEAs Robert Fludd's -1618 Water Screw Taccola Wheel 15th Century 12. Now-a-days As we have seen, Theory at that has become a Very HOT & Trending topic because of its Challenges and Competition around the Globe and also for its Success Possibility. Many Small Projects are going on at very low scale. 13. Why Free Energy Generator ? Gofor Revolution - Be independent of Power Supply Companies Be Eco-Friendly Make less use Fossil Fuel Be The First Initiate the Revolution, encourage the World. 14. Summary 15. Conclusion Here and after, one can easily conclude that this iDEA is very Revolutionary, Innovative and Productive. For better scope it needs much more Development, instead of what has been done to it. It is still Under Development 16. Questions ? 17. Suggestions 18. Thanking You !