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Learn more about StadiumRoar's free facilities scheduler software. Coordinate facility schedules, take online requests and share schedules on the web.


  • 1. StadiumRoar Facility Scheduling Click arrow to begin

2. Get started with facility scheduling today!1) Sign up for StadiumRoar2) Enter your facilities3) Enter the programs that use your facilities4) Create and share time-slot schedules 3. First, sign up for StadiumRoarits freeEnter your info,choose apassword, and clickGO TO MY PAGE! 4. Entering the Facilities areaClick the FACILITIES link on your Dashboard to enter yourpersonal Facilities Scheduler area 5. Your Facilities Scheduler page 6. Enter your locations Go into your LOCATIONS I MANAGE section Click the Add icon on the left of the page to add your locations Add fields, gyms, rooms, auditoriums,etc 7. Enter your programsGo into your PROGRAMS THAT USEMY LOCATIONS sectionClick the Add icon on the left of thepage to add your programs Add teams, clubs, classes, bands, etc 8. Now its time to create schedules There are two easy ways to create schedules; use one or both #1 Assign dates and #2 Accept onlinetimes to programs at requests made to youlocations yourself by program reps 9. Booking time slots yourself1 23 4 10. Accepting online requests To accept online requests, you first need to make a StadiumRoar web page. People will visit this page to send you facility-usage requests. Getting a page is fast, free and requires no technical experience. 11. Getting your site On your Dashboard, enter your organization name and type, and your title, to get a web page. 12. Opening your sites Facility SchedulingareaClick the Scheduling linkonce on your site, then openyour Facility Scheduling area 13. Allowing yourself to take requestsTo take online facility requests from your website, select theLOCATION REQUESTS tab at the top of the page, and selectyourself as someone who can receive requests 14. Sending people to your site to makerequests Your site will have its own public URL, which you can share with people in any way youd like. Once people visit your URL, all they need to do is select the View Facility Schedules link on your Home page, and well guide them through the request process. To make a request, people select the desired location, dates, times and the program they wish to use the time slot for. 15. Accepting and denying requestsYoull receive an emaileach time a request ismade. You canaccept or deny allrequests in your Time-Slot Requests Sent toMe area.Once a request isaccepted, the dates andtimes associatedofficially becomebooked. 16. Double book notices While youre booking time slots, well make sure you dont accidentally double book any locations If you do, youll be given the option to re-book the time slots or over-ride the alert and book anyway 17. Viewing schedules As time slots become booked, they get added to your schedules. You can view schedules by location, or by program in the Locations I Manage and Programs that Use My Locations areas. 18. Sharing schedulesThere are two easy ways to share schedules; use one or both #1 Email time slots byclicking the Email link above anyschedule #2 Have your schedules posted on your public web page 19. Emailing schedulesSelecting the Email link above any schedule allows you to check off thetime slots youd like to share, and then have them emailed to anyone. 20. Posting schedules onlineOnce in the Facility Scheduler area of your public web page (see slides 10-11), open the Location Schedules section and select yourself as someonewho wants to display schedules online 21. Sending people to your site to view schedules Your site will have its own public URL, which you can share with people in any way youd like. Once people visit your URL, all they need to do is select the View Facility Schedules link on your Home page and they can browse all your schedules. 22. Invite others to the party Get help managing yourschedules Invite others in yourorganization to befellow page admins They can post schedulesand take onlinerequests too 23. Enjoy being more successful! Become free of theadministrative burdens ofscheduling withouttapping into your budget Focus on running greatprograms Become a huge success inthe eyes of yourorganization 24. GET STARTED!Want help getting started? Call us at 908 591 5448or email us at


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