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  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Daily Market Reflection6th May 2

    Market Outlook

    Fundamental Factors

    Important Data

    Market Updates

    MCX Date Date % Ch

    4-05-16 5-05-16

    GOLD 29991 29897 -0.31%

    SILVER 41291 41227 -0.15%

    CRUDE 2901 2949 +1.65%

    COPPER 325.35 318.90 -1.98%

    ALUMINIUM 108.70 106.90 -1.66%

    LEAD 117.40 115.30 -1.79%

    NICKEL 630.70 597.70 -5.23%

    ZINC 125.75 123.90 -1.47%

    NATURALGAS 143.50 138.70 -3.34%

    COMEX Date




    % Chg

    GOLD 1274.40 1274.05 -0.03%

    SILVER 17.301 17.340 +0.023

    CRUDE 43.78 44.30 +1.05%

    COPPER 2.187 2.144 -1.94%

    USDINR 66.8850 66.8025 -0.12%

    $ INDEX 93.27 93.77 +0.54%

    Gold moved higher after soft US labor market data but the move not

    lasted even after bullish news and moved down again showing the

    weakness of gold. In the coming session weakness can continue ingold. Crude oil was trading on high levels in the morning session

    because of the supply worries but was not able to hold and in the

    evening session went down and made new lows further decline can

    be seen due to volatile global conditions. Base metals were weak due

    to lack of demand and it seems weakness can be continued.

    Fundamental News

      Us labor data was weak forecast was 261K but the actual

    274K little bit higher than expected.

      Huge wildfire is disrupting production of crude oil in Canada

    and after long time import from US was surged showing


      Base metals were showing weakness due to weak Chinese


    Time Currency Event Forecast Previous

    7:00am AUD RBA Monetary Policy


    6:00pm CAD Employment Change 0.2K 40.6K

    6:00pm CAD Unemployment Rate 7.2% 7.1%

    6:00pm USD

    Average Hourly

    Earnings m/m 0.3% 0.3%

    6:00pm USD Non-Farm

    Employment Change203K 215K

    6:00pm USD Unemployment Rate  5.0% 5.0%

    Our Previous calls update

    Intraday super star

    Date Commodity Entry Exit P

    5/05 ALUMINIUM 108.10 107.40 35


    Date Commodity Entry Exit P

    5/05 NICKEL 625 610 35

    Trifid special

    Date Commodity Entry Exit P

    04/05 GOLD 30375 30100 -2

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  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Gold and Silver



    PIVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    MCX 29970 29750 30315 30550

    COMEX 1273 1264 1284 1292


    Gold today showed over all choppy movement, in mornsession it drag towards the support level of 30000 but a

    US data it pull towards the important resistance leve

    1290. Below 29900 it may show some correction on lo


    PIVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    MCX 41065 40700 41700 42070

    COMEX 17.10 16.95 17.45 17.65

    SILVER over all showed sideways movement and mov

    range of 41000 to 41500. Now if it sustain below 41000 t

    next support is seen around 40300.

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Crude and Copper



    IVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    MCX 2960 2890 3045 3115

    OMEX 43.35 43.85 45.35 45.75

    MCX Crude showed bullish movement in morning ses

    and found resistance around 3050 and drags towards

    support level of 3000, and found head and shoulder pat

    IVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    MCX 318.40 316.40 322 324.05

    OMEX 2.1260 2.1030 2.1630 2.1900

    Copper continues on weak movement as all base m

    showed negative way it broke the support of trough

    double top pattern and found the support of 32

    bearishness continues the 315 will act as support level.

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Other Commodities


    ALUMINIUM 105.90 104.90 107.90 108.90 8102 2630 Bearish

    LEAD 114.50 113.50 116.50 117.50 16341 2650 Bearish

    NICKEL 590 575 605 620 47195 17891 Bearish

    ZINC 123 122 125 126 24444 3416 Bearish

    NATURAL GAS 141 138.50 145 147 77553 8207 Bearish


    Commodities 28/04/16 29/04/16 3/05/2016 4/05/2016 5/05/2016

    ALUMINIUM -4250 -6750 -6650 -12350 -6275

    COPPER -1475 -1225 +5175 +1825 +225

    LEAD -375 +75 700 -200 +550

    NICKEL -600 +1686 +66 -1062 -1308

    ZINC -1175 -2525 -2475 -4275 -1125

    LME Inventory

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Agri Commodity Updates



    PIVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    3240 3210 3300 3335

    PIVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    4050 4000 4150 4200

    Guarseed is on bearish trend but today it showed so

    correction on higher side and took resistance of 32

    now again if it broke its support level of 3240 th

    next support level is seen around 3200.

    Soyabean today showed some correction on high

    side and correct upto the resistance level of 4150 b

    closed on lower note. Now fit it sustains below 40

    then next support level is seen around 4000.


    PIVOTS S1 S2 R1 R2

    775.50 762 800 813

    Cardamom showed sideways movement from few d

    and consolidated in the range of 770-810, now i

    sustain below 770 then breakout of channel pattern

    expected which drag it towards the support leve


  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Intraday Super StarPremium Section)

    ALL: SELL LEAD BETWEEN 115.75-115.45 TARGETS 114.60/106.80 SL 116.80.

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Multibagger CallPremium Section)

    ALL: SELL CRUDE BELOW 2960 TARGETS 2900/2800 SL 3020.

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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    Trifid Special  Premium Section)

    ALL: SELL SILVER BELOW 41000 TARGETS 40400 SL 41600.

  • 8/17/2019 Free MCX Tips for Commodity Market Traders


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