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By Dicorinto


  • 1. fOSSa Conference Lyon 2011
  • 2. FREE SOFTWARE AS A COMMONS Arturo Di CorintoLogos-Cattid Sapienza University of Rome
  • 3. Who Am I? Arturo Di Corinto is a free, open source software activist, privacy advocate, blogger and mediactivist, a social hackerCognitive PsychologistSapienza, Logos DirectorGovernment consultantWriter and JournalistLa Repubblica, LEspresso
  • 4. Brevetto Protoplasto
  • 5. Patents and Full copyrightThe bad in the story, a certain Brevetto Protoplasto,ask the courthouse to have his rights over thedictionary and the kitchen granted, provoking hilarityamong the court and the audience.
  • 6. THE TRAGEDYOF THECOMMONS(Hardin, 1968)Free ridersFree MarketsThe LeviathanSharing emergingparadigm
  • 7. COOPERATION ANDCOMPETITION Cooperating is better than competing Sometimes we cooperate to better compete Cooperation can be seen at every level of animal life
  • 8. The Prisoners DilemmaCOOPERATION IS RATIONAL (Morgenstern, von Neumann, 1944; Axelrod, 1984)
  • 9. The Prisoners Dilemma in the prisoners dilemma, cooperation based on reciprocity is the winning strategy. This strategy,referred to as tit for tat, presupposes that one should begin by cooperating and then by replicating thepartners behaviour, hence maximising the results of cooperation. (Morgenstern, von Neumann, 1944; Axelrod, 1984)
  • 10. GIFT ECONOMY:in a gift economy, cooperation isbased on solidarity, which issubordinate to a series of socialobligations and non-economicalfactors, which guarantee that thecommunity will benef t from the icooperation.
  • 11. GIFT ECONOMY: In the Foss economy, the logic of cooperation between egoists, which is typical of Game Theory, to cooperate only if and when the othercooperates changes to: I will cooperate so long as the other cooperates too.
  • 12. GIFT ECONOMY: Rational choice in a higly competitive enviroment which is characterized byknowledge abundancy
  • 13. GIFT ECONOMY:software liberoproduction and sharing imply a gift logic
  • 14. COOPERARENELLANOOSFERA (Lessig, 2001)Informations, knowledge, ideas arecommons non rivalrous, non finishingand inalienable.Do not fear free riders but ones whopollute and jail the public good ofknowledge (DRMs, TCPA, Patents,Copyright).
  • 15.