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What free tech tools can help simply your busy family life while still helping you stay involved doing good in your community? We'll show ya!


  • Free Tech Tools for Families & School Communities Facilitator: Karen Bantuveris, Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot
  • Share your Faves! Grab a partner Show em your favorite Apps! Why are they your faves? #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Tech Today Smartphone Ownership in U.S. 56% of Adults (Pew) 65% of Moms (Nielsen Report) Tablets New sales more rapid than smartphones (Meeker Report) 34% of US Adults own a tablet (Pew) Social media usage among online adults #FreeTech4Families 67% Facebook (75% of MOMS!) 20% LinkedIn 16% Twitter 15% Pinterest 13% Instagram 6% Tumblr @VolunteerSpot
  • You are busy Superheros! So much to do Manage Time Boost Participation Build Accountability Grow Community Spark Action! #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • What frustrates you in your Role? What keeps you from being the Superhero you want to be? What takes too much time, frustrates you, or gets in the way of your important work? #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • FREE Tech Tools for: Advancing Your Mission Organizing Docs & Planning Meetings Building Community Family FUN! #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot
  • Tools for: Advancing your Mission #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot
  • A Week in the Life of a Volunteer Superhero #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • A Week in the Life of a Superhero #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • A Week in the Life of a Superhero #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • A Week in the Life of a Superhero #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • A Week in the Life of a Superhero #@!%! #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • Simple StepsBIG BOOST in Involvement Doing GOOD just got easier! For AnyoneAnytime # Board permission not required Partnerships for State & Regional Organizations #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • Receive a personal invitation #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • Fast & Easy Sign Ups! On-the-Go, In Person or On Computer NO PASSWORDS FOR PARENTS & VOLUNTEERS! So simple to sign up! Im not good at computers and this was soo easy! ~ Mari M., Ft. Worth, TX #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • Receive Confirmation & Reminder emails #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • NEW! Group Pages All your Signups on ONE page with ONE link! #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Why Leaders & Volunteers LOVE Us SAVE TIME BOOST Volunteer Turnout Simple signups no registration required Automated confirmation and reminder emails help people keep their commitments iPad Clipboard app for easy on-site signups REDUCE Leader Burnout Eliminate clipboard sign up sheets, phone trees and spreadsheet juggling BUILD Loyalty & Donors #ILPTA2013 @VolunteerSpot
  • What Parent Leaders Say Your program has changed our PTA! Gone are the same 10 people helping. More parents are pitching in, our leaders are happy, our kids are better supported! ~ Cindy R, PTA Leader 99% of Organizers 95% of Volunteers would refer VolunteerSpot to a friend or colleague. Thank you for making me look like a hero! This was our easiest season ever more help in less time! ~ Jodi, CSA Leader #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • FREE Upgrades for TX PTA Members! #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • GET STARTED NOW @ For everything you organize! Classroom Volunteers Walkathons & Races #FreeTech4Families Scouts Sunday School Carnivals & Festivals Book Fair Concessions Potlucks & Parties @VolunteerSpot 21
  • The worlds petition platform empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Change your Neighborhood or World! 1. Start Your Petition Online 2. Promote Your Petition 3. Talk to Your Decision Maker #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Tools for: Planning Meetings & Organizing Documents #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot
  • Google Drive: Storage & Collaboration #FreeTech4Families @ChangeOrgs @VolunteerSpot
  • Google Drive: Document Collaboration #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Google Drive: Document Collaboration #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Google Drive: Sharing #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Dropbox: Document Storage & Sharing #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Dropbox: Document Storage & Sharing #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Dropbox: Document Storage & Sharing #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Meet Anytime.Anywhere! #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Skype Keep Chat open for ongoing group communication (IM) Smartphone too #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Online Meetings w/ Screen Sharing #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Online Meetings w/ Screen Sharing Enter Code on any device: 123-456-789 #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Free Conference #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Livestream: Online Stream Meetings #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • LiveStream: For PTA Presidents & Presidents! #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Tools for: Building Community #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot
  • Journey of a Volunteer Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Journey of a Volunteer Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth PARTICIPATION & RECOGNITION Social Media Accelerates the Journey #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Build Engagement Listen Inspire Its like having a conversation! Share Connect #FreeTech4Families Engage supporters actively not a one way communication! @VolunteerSpot
  • Engagement Drives Action & Ownership Listen Trust Inspire Share Action Connect #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Facebook & Twitter #FreeTech4Good @VolunteerSpot
  • PTAs: What to Post? Thanks to volunteers + photos of their work Appreciation to teachers Interesting local news, parenting & education content Legislative updates School news, meetings, deadlines, form links, sports scores, polls Fundraising & Membership Links & Status updates (Carnival tickets, donation buttons, join now, % completed, $ raised) Call for Volunteers (with a signup link) Results of fundraisers & elections (e.g. # books sold at book fair, # miles walked at walkathon, $ raised) Thanks to local businesses that sponsor events #FreeTech4Good @VolunteerSpot
  • Pinterest #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • Pinterest Board Brainstorm What would you find Interesting, Helpful, Engaging, SHARE WORTHY?? K-6 Parents 7-12 Parents Students #FreeTech4Families @VolunteerSpot
  • PTAs: Board Ideas K-6 Educational Websites Healthy Lunch & Snack Id


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