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  • 1. Pasi Vuorio Entrepreneur, Consult, SW Architect and Trainer in Digital Business & Technology Looking for that software guru with business/sales skills and entrepreneur attitude?

2. About Me Myself 38 Years old Four kids Tech freak Entrepreneur 50% Business Innovator Product developer Profile Experience 16 Years in IT Leader Hobbyist since 10 Excellent Track record + 50% Tech Online Business Key expertise Cloud Services Agile Processes SW Architecture Always exceed expectations and keep what I promise. Personal motto & goals Mobile & embedded 3. Experience My first assignment was to code NFC reader application for Helsinki region: still used million times per day with close to zero errors. At the end I was designing and leading a whole new product family of Buscom: Embedded Linux, Windows CE and PC based devices. After changing job, my first tasks were to design the E2E architecture of many realtime comms systems like VOIP. I was leading a multinational project with more than 50 members to develop video services for mobile. Running the PMO (project mgmt office) to develop the tools and agile processes of Ixonos. Founded my own company to develop new generation marketplaces and ecommerce systems from the scratch. Currently as CEO, but still actively participating development. 4. Digital Business Business environment today is changing faster than ever due to digitalization, cloud services and rush of cost effective SaaS based IT services. I have been breathing this change for 10 years already both as technologist and entrepreneur. Digital commerce has been my main area last 4 years. If you need help in this transformation or feel that simple IT projects should not cost Millions, I am the person to tell you how things work today. Monetising Online eCommerce& Marketplaces Social Media Technology Cloud Services Responsive Web SW Architectures I Provide Consulting and Training in Product Creation During 16+ years of hands on software development I have seen both good and bad ways of doing software and leading projects. Based on this experience I have developed my own agile way of managing software projects and building an architecture that allows maintainability for upcoming decades. I understand technologies very broadly from low level drivers to modern web technologies and thus can help in development end-to-end. 5. Key Technical Expertise Server Side Client Side Application Cloud Infra Databases, Middleware SQL/Relative databases NO-SQL (MongoDB, Graph databases) Memcache, OAUTH, APIs (XML, JSON, REST) IMS/SIP Mobile NativeBrowser Tech Client Apps Dozens of applications architected, both embedded and web technologies HMTL5 CSS Javascript/JQuery Middleware TCP/IP, Realtime Comms, Video, Security Browser, Javascript engines/extensions UI Frameworks, XML, XSLT, RSS Payments, NFC Drivers / HW Protocols, Smart Cards, Audio/video Symbian Android Linux / Embedded 3rd party Integrations CRM Social Media Payments Analytics/perf eCommerce Ruby Python J2EE PHP AWS CDN DNS ELB Cache 6. Digital Strategies for the Publishers How to build your online audience and traffic? And how to monetise it? Banner Ads Affiliate Marketing Paywalls eCommerce Consumer Services Premium Content Marketplaces Freemium If getting good audience today is difficult, it is even more difficult to turn them into money flow. Fierce competition in digital advertising has brought prices down and advertisers in general are not willing to pay anything but results. It has been my main work for last two years to find new ways of bringing more money to publishers, whether thats by banner ads or something more intelligent. Here are few things that I have analyzed: Providing slowly updated, static content is not anymore enough for luring todays online users into your site. There is a huge overload on the content provided in the internet and people choose the ones to use based on the value of the content or how well it entertains them. And in order to providemore value, you have to profile your target audience well. Based on my experience with many premium publishers, I can help you to effectively build your audience eg. by: 1. Defining content strategies and ways to optimise it 2. Analysing the target audience and setting metrics and tools to follow them 3. Help on reaching the audience and bringing them back by help of social media, email marketing and content marketing 4. Building interactivity, communities and other forums that engage the audience better 5. Using paid traffic to increase your revenue 7. eCommerce and Social Commerce eCommerce Consulting Social Commerce / Graph They say that best way to learn something is to do it yourself I have definitely done that. Implementing an eCommerce platform from scratch and providing that to more than 500 customers has taught me big deal on eCommerce and what makes it successful. I can tell you e.g on: 1. How to setup eCommerce business, selecting right platform, picking and prioritising features 2. Building or outsourcing an eCommerce site 3. Setting analytics and metrics 4. eCommerce marketing 5. Content marketing Social graph (your friends) and Interest graph (strangers with same interests) are important part of any service design especially eCommerce and media where they can be combined with services own data to improve targeting. Vuole was the first company in Europe to build webstores inside Facebook something that was projected to be big! It never did turn to money, but we learned a lot how the social graph works both as technology and channel. And more importantly: we learned what doesnt work. Savalanches service portfolio ~1,5y ago. Since that we have concentrated on marketplaces, but that represents my expertise well. 8. Cloud Based Web Services AWS CDN Cache No-SQL Scaling Cloud service analysis Mobile / Responsive Applications I have extensive knowledge on building Cloud based services and doing cloud related consulting for services having billions of requests monthly. I can provide e.g. following services 1. Designing Cloud architecture 2. Migrating from legacy systems to cloud 3. Selecting right cloud provider (price/performance analysis) 4. Private vs. Public cloud analysis 5. Plan data security / robustness EC2 S3 SaaS PaaS Whether you are planning a new service or updating existing ones, todays web frameworks like Ruby In Rails and Cloud services provide a fast way to build applications on robust technologies used by top internet services. The development of markup languages allows also easy and cost effective deployment of mobile services on top of browser. I have been developing multiple mobile applications as native applications and responsive web applications. Contact me if you need help in developing your application. 9. Architecture Design & Analysis E2E Architecture Design Performance, Robustness, Secur ity I have spent big chunk of my career to build architectures for major end-to-end services like VOIP and Video-on-demand: to do that I had to learn a lot on internals of mobile devices, networks and quality of service in them, security and of course service backends. All of them have their basic constraints which you have to understand in order to create working e2e service for customers. If you want to leverage this experience in your own development, I can help with e.g. following tasks: 1. Creating architectures for the mobile or embedded devices including native and Java/scripting languages 2. Designing web based architectures (client+server) 3. Designing new and analysing existing end-to- end architectures or part of them. Big part of the E2E architecture design consists of managing the overall performance, robustness and security of the service. These create the foundations for user experience and trust. In this area Im experienced with following tasks: 1. Overall E2E performance or robusness: analysing network / application performance and architecture. 2. Scaling: hooking service with performance analysis tools and doing load testing to find out how service scales to traffic peaks and looking for bottlenecks. 3. Database performance : optimising SQL, improving how queries are made, caching. 4. Security analysis: how secure your service is? Finding weak spots, analysing data confideality. 5. Hunting hard to find bugs so far there isnt one that I hadnt found. 10. (Agile) Project Management Agile Project Management Lean/Agile Startups I have been active Agile-practionist even before it was called agile. First scrum-based project I led was 2007 and since then I have been participating dozens of agile projects, most of them in my role in project management office of Ixonos. There I also actively developed the processes and metrics/tools for subcontracting projects. With experience gathered in these tasks I can help you to: 1. Ramp up Agile processes in your organisation 2. Act as a Product Owner or Scrum Master in projects 3. Help improving the processes and metrics Lean startup process is a product development process aimed for ramping up quickly a working product and then develop it continuously together with customers. It takes agile processes into next level by introducing faster learning cycles also on business development side: build quickly working prototypes, test them with customer and measure what works and what not. Lean startup methodologies can be also applied to development projects in larger enterprises also, I can tell you how. Learn Build Meas ure 11. Prices and contact information Assingment length Minimum billing Consult Architect / PM Development / other < 2 day 1 day 130/h - - < 2 weeks 3 days 120/h 115/h - < 2 months 2 wk 110/h 105/h 95/h Long term projects > 2 months Billed monthly 100/h 95/h 85/h Phone +358405503173 Email LinkedIn Price table Contacts Role 12. Need Full Team? Design Develop ment Testing Need Full Team? Des