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  1. 1. FREELANCING Nature and scope Techniques of freelancing Scouting the talent Feature Syndicates Specialized writings
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Prestigious Profession all over the world People earn high Salaries enjoy many benefits. Contribution in Various fields but majoring we will be talking about Journalism
  3. 3. Why ? Saves time Gives Deeper Perspective Majorly seen in Journalism Cost effective Working for passion & interest
  4. 4. Meaning Free Freedom Lance Weapon Writes Independently Works for Him or her self Can be a personality or a normal person
  5. 5. Nature Without Restriction Any Newspaper, Publication or Magazine Freelancers get remuneration Anyone with flare to write and analytical mind can freelance Its focused on the subject of expertise The Writing should be more of a value addition for the readers
  6. 6. o Successful Freelancer, Should be writing for masses o Important personalities from various fields may write feature on different subjects o Writers can write on any topic: domestic problems, personal relations, newly weds
  7. 7. Types of Writing Feature Personality Features or Profiles Human Interest Stories Reviews Articles
  8. 8. Middle Humorous, entertaining & Crisply Column Letter to the Editor Can also send Photographs, Comics, Cartoons..
  9. 9. SCOPE Sky is the Limit Its all about an individuals skills & Imagination Subject: Any were anytime, Should have the ability to convert the subject into a feature or an article. Every newspaper reserves one page for opinion pieces Everyday. Consisting, Editorial, Articles, Columns, Middle, Reviews, and Letter to editor.
  10. 10. Freelancer can not only have the choice for writing for a paper, but also for Writing Style. Not only in general Newspapers, but also in Specialized Newspapers & Special Supplements More scope in Magazine (many in Number, Many Languages, Wide scope, but cannot be dependent.. Amount offered is much less than foreign countries.
  11. 11. One can earn well, but noting is fixed.. it can be done for a side business in our country but cannot be a full time job for survival.. Unless the person is not a known writer Future of Freelancing in India: Enormous Growth of press in India. Personalities have lot more scope to write
  12. 12. Techniques of Freelancing: Freelancing Journalism is one of the few Hobbies. Work from Home, Cafe, Reduces Editorial Budget Beginners think of the Idea first, sends it to the Magazine but Professionals decide first about the magazine for which they want to write.
  13. 13. A professional can be a Freelancer, One doesn't need a University Degree to be a freelance journalist Editors hire freelancer for fresh ideas, background & Knowledge
  14. 14. Meaning: Freelancing Literally free Get well paid depending on the experience and popularity. NO Regular Income Many youngsters opting for it..
  15. 15. Freelancers are not free in literal sense, as they take up permanent job for their regular income. One takes it up as an hobby or passion. Field is wide open. There is no limitation on what one can write or imagine.
  16. 16. Some techniques for a freelance writer: It demands some aids some tools of trade or techniques, which a freelancer must acquire. Every profession has its own professional techniques: Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Economist Mountaineer knows his very own survival
  17. 17. Tips by R K Murthy on Frelancing: Keep a scrap Book: things which appeals to you Let the scrapbook grow with you Can note abt the mannerasim, Language, dress, reflection, etc
  18. 18. Indexing is imp to keep the important events on track Learn how to use library Keep note of time.. depending on the time and events the articles need to be written Meet editors personally
  19. 19. Keep exploring on different forms of writing Never get disappointed Must add in- depth study and expets opinion to the article Focus on human interest stories, Hunt for new Ideas and New form of approach Visit exotic places, meet people,.. come up with innovative ideas
  20. 20. Writers should actually make its readers drown in his writing Must keep some sample of our wiritng always handy Must keep good contacts with the editors.. Should never depend on only one organization or newspaper Should be punctual Never use carbon copy of the article. Must honor commitments. Must build up a good will
  21. 21. Scouting the Talent: NO clear picture of media operations. Most of the youngsters think that, media us suppose to do public services only. They have no idea about the actual and the financial structure of the Media Orgn Reality is every medium, Prepares a product containing news and entertainment, sell it to the advertisers..
  22. 22. No medium can survive without advertising Income Morality & ethical dimension changes according to the changes in the society and time NO doubt Mass Communication is a Business
  23. 23. Media writing is totally different from the literary writing BORN OR MADE? There was a time when it was impressions that Journalist are born not made It took a long time to convince journalists that it also can be trained and educated Mass communication is not merely about writing.
  24. 24. Great writers have become great not bec of their writing but bec of their thoughts & knowledge. Mass communication combines both theory and Practicals Anyone interested in the media profession has to have one important trait i.e Inquisitiveness. An unending thurst for knowledge. Interest in every aspect of Human Life
  25. 25. FAIR MEANS Never use unethical ways to take out information Persistence, Patience, Nerve and resourcefulness are the qualities suggested to be acquired for a talented media person. Never have a Negative approach
  26. 26. Face of Mass Communication Changed during the last ten years due to the arrival of new Technology. Ability to write. Qualities of Writing and editing style and presentation make them immediately acceptable.
  27. 27. NOSE FOR NEWS Interest the Media Consumer. Gather important news Get the right facts Commonsense Clarity in writing very imp Optimism
  28. 28. Field of communication is growing at phenomenal speed and newer jobs Communication is identified as a social change and hence, an overdose of professionalism is not accepted. Each medium has its own requirement
  29. 29. FEATURE SYNDICATE Feature syndicates act as agent, between freelancers and newspapers and magazines. The news story stops after it has presented facts or ideas.. The feature story goes further. It talks about the writers prespective about the incident, news etc
  30. 30. Feature is a detailed presentation of some interesting subject in a popular form. Its Purpose is to entertain and Partical Guidance Now news stories can also be played as feature story by playing a human story angle. Feature syndicate can sell the article. Magazines have a limited number of staff, so they have to depend upon freelancers.
  31. 31. NEWS AGENCY & FEATURE SYNDICATE: News Agency : Collects news provides news reports of current events to the News papers. Day and Night news Services, Agencies are less in India. Feature Syndicate: collects articles & features from freelancers and provides them to the newspapers and magazines, Gives out article depending on the requirements, in many languages.
  32. 32. SPECIALISED WRITING Variety is the live-blood of Media Writing. Society News Health Contents Obituaries Business & Finance Sports Writing Reviews & Criticism Reporting Science & Technology Election Reporting