french dome of dark chocolate with strawberries

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Dome of chocolate with strawberries (by Yaël)

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  1. 1. Dome of chocolate with strawberries (by Yal)
  2. 2. Here are the ingredients Two hundred grams of dark chocolate Three hundred grams of white chocolate
  3. 3. A bag of chantifix Fifty centilitres of liquid cream
  4. 4. Strawberries Fifty grams of icing sugar / powdered sugar
  5. 5. Preparation Then pour the liquid cream into the robot Pour the icing sugar in robot Weigh fifty grams icing sugar
  6. 6. Mix everything during five minutes while adding the fix chantilix Five minutes after pour the preheated white chocolate and wait for two minutes
  7. 7. After with a pastry brush put chocolate on the edge of the dish and rest fifteen minutes in the fridge At the same time heat dark/plain chocolate
  8. 8. Finally fill the mold of whipped cream with white chocolate and let them four hours in the fridge. Put a strawberry above the domes
  9. 9. enjoy
  10. 10. The end