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  • Friday, January 25th

    Mini Summative MONDAY

    Life & Death of a Star Video

    Comic Work Time

    HW = Mini Summative Monday Star Comic Due at the END of class Wednesday

    H-R Quick Check


  • H-R Diagram Quick Check1. Using the diagram below, star d is _______________ compared to star b.a.) dimmerb.) brighter

    2. Giant & Super Giant Stars are huge and bright; however their temperature is ________________.a.) highb.) averagec.) low

    3. White Dwarf Stars are really tiny, and their temperature is very hot; however they are not very ___.a.) dimb.) bright

    4. What is the relationship between the temperature & brightness for stars on the main sequence?a.) as the temperature increases, so does the brightnessb.) as the temperature increases, the brightness decreasesc.) there is no relationship

    5. What type of star is our Sun? _______________________________________

    6. What does the H-R Diagram Compare?a.) temperature & colorb.) temperature & brightnessc.) temperature & size

    7. List the following in order of YOUNGEST to OLDEST (Dwarfs, Giants & Super Giants, Main Sequence)

    Name: Core:

  • Mini Summative MONDAY

    *Cosmic Web & The Big BangSpace (Voids) vs. MatterDark Matter & Dark EnergySuper Cluster, Galaxies, StarsGravityExpansionPrimordial AtomHow long ago? *Measuring Distances in Space

    Why are special units usedWhat are the special unitsWhat is most commonly usedWhat is a Light YearHow far away is the next closest star, other than our sun?How far across is the Milky Way

    *GalaxiesHow are galaxies classifiedWhat are the 4 main types of galaxiesCharacteristics of the different galaxiesWhat is thought to be at the center of galaxiesThe name, organization and classification of our galaxy

  • The Universe

    “The Life and Death of Stars”

    1. Another name for a nebula?

    2. What force is behind the formation of stars?

    3. What shape do protostars take?

    4. Hydrogen fuses with____________ to make ________________.

    5. During its life, a star is at war with ________________________.

    6. Why do we not see red dwarfs (the most common stars in the sky) in the night sky?

    7. Massive stars have _________________________ lives than less massive stars.

    8. How long do the most massive stars take to go through their lives, how long do the least massive stars take to go through their lives?

    9. In the gambling comparison, money for a person is like ______ for a star.

    10. White dwarfs are very _______ and about the size of __________.