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Front Cover Changes

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Front Cover Changes

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Masthead – The reasoning behind the colour change of the font is due to the main image. From the previous slide you can see that due to the fact my main image is in a black and white effect some of the title isn’t visible due to the bright white at the top of the image. I have chosen the colour red as it produces a much bigger impact for the title, as it was clear to read against the black and white background, unlike the white title which I had planned on doing.

Skyline Colour - Although I had now confirmed the colour of the title of my music magazine, the general look of the magazine did not appeal to me. I felt that the blue colour worked well with the red, but due to the fact that I had edited my main image into black and white, it was that which now made the blue not as effective as I thought it would have been. Due to this issue I removed the blue from the magazine and inserted more red to see if that worked better. This involvement of red then complimented the red title a lot better than my other colour of blue did, however the way it was laid out didn't have that rough indie unique feel I was aiming for.

Design Feature - Although I had now found the colour scheme I wanted to use, there was yet to be an indie feel to the magazine as of yet. Although this change isn't a major one I think it gives the magazine a more unique edge to it compared to what the top of the magazine looked like with just a red block going across it.

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Skyline Text Colour - The reasoning behind the colour white for my text colour is due to the fact that I have already used it with my design feature. As white jagged line complimented the red skyline, I believed so would some white text for the skyline splashes.

Splash Colour - Although at the start of designing my magazine I said that my three colours would be a navy blue, a red and white I began to realise these 3 colours wouldn’t give me the appeal I needed for a magazine front cover. As you can see I have replaced the navy blue colour with a bright yellow. I know this goes against my belief of bright colours for an indie magazine but without the yellow the splashes within the skyline would not appeal and stand out to the readers like it is supposed to be. By including the yellow lighting bolts it draws the attention of the audience to the skyline splashes, which is wanted as these splashes give the readers a slight preview of what is within my magazine which could attract them to purchase it.

Sell Line Colour – My sell line colour was going to be the navy blue that I have previously mentioned. However due to the colour of my text and other colours elsewhere I now realised that the navy blue would not suit this new colour scheme. I was going to have the sell line the same colour as the skyline, but due to the fact that the sell line is meant to sell the magazine I thought a change of colour will make it stand out more than using the same colour as the skyline.

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Anchorage Text - I tried a couple of different colours before sticking with the red I used for my masthead. The two colours I used were white and the yellow that was used for the lighting bolts within the skyline. The colour white worked well when it was sitting on top of the black parts of the main image. However some of the text lies on top of the colour white, therefore meaning that the anchorage text wasn’t completely visible. As much as I wanted the anchorage text to stand out and attract the attention of the reader when using the colour yellow it stood out too much in my opinion as it was too bright. This then took away the attention from features such as the masthead and the skyline. I decided to stick with the red as it went with the feel of the magazine. However to make sure it wasn’t too similar to my masthead I have inserted to white lines underneath each word to make it different and unique from the masthead.

Lure – I have included this due to the fact that the left hand side of my front cover was very bland as it had no text or information.

Bar Code - I have inserted the bar code into this part of my magazine as it bodes well with the background colour of the sell line.

Sell Line Images – I have included these three images so that the audience have a sneak peek of what will be included within the magazine . I have added a yellow border around each photo so that there is some match between the skyline and sell line, so that they match the magazines colour scheme.

Sell Line Text - The colour choice of the text is for the same reason as the border of the images. By including the red it then links to my magazine colour scheme. However the whole sell line is different to the skyline offering a unique and different look between the two.

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Anchorage Text Sub-Heading - On the previous image of my front cover magazine this text was here however it was simply just a line of red writing. I wanted to make it stand out more so to start with inserted a rectangular white block to lay in behind the text. Although the colour white complimented the text well it didn’t stand out enough due to the white blocks underlining the text above it. Due to this I decided to use the pencil tool I create my own kind of rough scribble behind the text and as you can see it has worked well. It has given it that edgy unique look that I am aiming for.

Lure – I decided to change my lure for several reasons. For example the colour. The yellow I am using through out my magazine is only used in small doses, whereas as you can see that previously the colour of the lure was mainly yellow. Due to the brightness of this colour I thought it would steer the audience away from the other more important features such as the masthead, skyline, sell line and anchorage text. So for this reason I decided to change the main colour of the circle to red. However this also didn’t look correct as on that front cover there are no other shapes like that, making the lure to stand out a lot, not like I wished. So as you can see I then decided to create the rectangular separate text boxes going from longest to shortest, and used the colours from my colour scheme. I kept the yellow as the colour used the least as it’s a nice touch as it slightly stands out so the audience know it is there, but not so much that it drags all the attention towards it.

Sell Line Image Change – The image I had here previously I realised work a lot better within my contents page due to the colour, brightness and effects of the other images. I decided to insert this image to the sell line as the colours within the image bode well with the other two images making it not look out of place, but also complimenting the sell line pictures.

Price - I have priced my magazine at £4.99 as it includes a months worth of information, meaning there is a lot more content compared to a weekly magazine edition. I have put it in black as it then matches the bar code which is also black and works well with the white sell line background colour.

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