frozen oceans primary blubber or bubble wrap?. frozen oceans primary which animal is best adapted to...

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Frozen Oceans Primary Frozen Oceans Primary Blubber or bubble wrap?

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  • Frozen Oceans Primary Blubber or bubble wrap?
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary Which animal is best adapted to live in the Arctic?
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary How many items of clothing do I need to wear to keep warm when its -50C?
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary 1 balaclava 1 hat 1 scarf 1 pair of goggles 1 face mask 1 thermal top 1 thin fleece 1 fleece jacket 1 outer jacket 1 down jacket 1 pair inner gloves 1 pair medium gloves 1 pair mittens 1 pair thermal leggings 1 pair outer trousers 1 pair inner socks 1 pair thick socks 1 pair boots thats all!
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary Can you help Tyler choose the best material for this polar expedition? Investigation: 1.Choose 3 different materials 2.See which one is the best insulator to keep Tyler warm
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary How have these animals adapted to keep warm?
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary How good is blubber as an insulator in icy water? Investigation: 1.Cover one hand with blubber and leave the other bare 2.See which one stays warmest in icy water
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary Which fabric was the best insulator? Were you surprised by the insulating properties of any of the materials you used? What clothes should polar explorers use to stay warm? How has science helped you learn how to stay warm in the Arctic? Discussion
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  • Frozen Oceans Primary Photo credits WalrusNOAA Ringed sealNOAA Arctic foxAlgkalv Polar bearAnsgar Walt All clothing images Rab Limited All expedition photographs Catlin Arctic Survey