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A guide to fundraising


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    What its all about

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes tochildren, aged 3 to 17, with a life threateningmedical condition to enrich the human experiencewith HOPE, STRENGTH and JOY.

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks


    The 100 Holes of Golf ChallengeJune 20, 2012Dusk to DawnGlen Arbour Golf ClubHammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

    Tips and tricks that will help you in your FundraisingActivity

    Lets start

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    What is a Donation?

    A donation consists in a transfer of money or goods that is freeof any rights, privileges or benefits to the donor.

    Donations can be earmarked for a specific project, in whichcase it is better known as a designated donation. In your case,designated toward your fundraising efforts.

    The donation must be for the benefit of theMake-A-Wish Foundation Atlantic Provinces,a registered charity.

    Official Receipt a receipt issued by aregistered charity to a donor to acknowledgereceipt of a gift. The donor needs such areceipt to support a claim for a tax credit.


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Obligations of Make-A-Wish (registered charity)

    Issue a charitable receipt for tax purposes.

    Make-A-Wish ensures donors are thanked appropriately.

    All cash donations justify the issueof a tax receipt. That is also thecase for most in kind donations.

    You can fundraise for yourexpenses and for your fundraisingobligations only the fundraisingportion will qualify for a tax receipt

    Manon with twin brother Maxime

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    The Ask

    Fear of rejectionToo busyNot comfortable approach

    friends & colleaguesBut its actually very simple... if

    you dont ask, you wontreceive!

    Seems obvious, but many people hesitate to do so. If you want to collect donations, you need to ask for

    them.Many people are shy and uncomfortable asking for

    money. We are preconditioned by parents/society notto ask for money

    Fallon with family at Toronto ZooAugust 2009

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Key Fundraising Tenents A person must ask another person for money face-to-face is

    best, but online is also very helpful People respond best to people representing a cause rather

    than the cause itself Leadership in the raising of money

    must come from volunteers, notfrom a paid staff person The best prospects for any cause

    are its previous contributors Giving must be proportionate to

    the ability to give FOLLOW UP is critical speaking

    over the phone or meeting face-to-face is the best way to ask forsupport!

    Daniel (in wheelchair) with youngerbrother and mom at the Vancouver


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Know How to Ask

    The vast majority of letter requests wind up in the wastepaperbasket. The most effective way to get positive results is to do it in

    person. Start with your best prospects (builds confidence and

    momentum) Send them an on-line request from your fundraising page and

    then follow-up by phone or meet in person for coffee Be confident about the ask amount rehearse and role play Follow Up clarify next steps with your prospects and follow

    up, if need be

    Dont underestimate the power of yourpersonal appeal and the power of a wish!

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Setting Up an Appointment

    Make the call for an appointmentAsk for the meeting to discuss your commitment

    to Make-A-Wish and the meaning of yourmarathon - not a telephone solicitation

    - ensure you get a face-to-face- dont let a preemptive strike foilyour plans to meet Establish where the meeting will

    take place office, home, withspouse/partner Be persistent about face-to-face


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Key Points to RememberTalk about your commitment and

    have key pieces of information aboutyour marathon and Make-A-WishListen!Be enthusiastic and passionateAsk for a specific amountClose or arrange for follow upThe Make-A-Wish Atlantic Provinces

    Team is there to assistask for help!Alyssa

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Possible Responses 1.) The prospect says

    YES! 2.) The prospect says

    Maybe. They ask formore time to consideryour request. Ask whatinfo they might need; itmight be timing ask ifthered be a better timeto ask

    3.) The prospect says No try to find out why. If its timing,there might be a better time to come back. Think of it asNot Yet


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks


    The three Rs applyAsk the Right people,At the Right timeFor the Right amount Spend more time approaching people who are known to be

    generous. Take note that generous people are not necessarily the wealthiest. We give to people who we respect and who have a good

    reputation. The Foundation that you represent must also have a good



  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Target your prospective donors (yourmarket)

    Its crucial: You must target people who are inclined to make a donation to

    you. Focus your efforts on your target market. You may expend too much energy trying to convince donors

    who have no affinity for your event or the organization that yourepresent. Dont get discouraged. Approach your friends, family, and acquaintances/coworkers. Companies receive thousands of requests and often the

    awarding of donations is decided by committees which mayhave your contacts involved.

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Interest people in your project before the cause.

    You must sell your Golf Marathon and then, the cause ~~raising funds to grant wishes for kids like Zac in AtlanticCanada

    People want to know: What will Make-A-Wish do with mydonation?

    Be prepared to answer...Make-A-Wish of Atlantic Provincesgrants wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses right here inour Region. Funds raised here, stay here.

    People must feel that your efforts are focused on golfing atleast 100 holes in a day and by doing this, you and yourdonors will be helping to grant a sick childs wish.

    When sponsoring an individual, people like to help theindividual asking followed by helping the cause.

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    You must be clearClearly explain how the funds raised will

    be used. You need to simplify the information,

    make it accessible and easilyunderstandable. Let them know that the funds raised will

    be used for Atlantic Canadian kids, aged3 to 17, with a life threatening medicalcondition. Important: the funds raised in Atlantic

    provinces stay in Atlantic provinces.


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Diversify your sources Dont place all your eggs in one basket Sale of objects, e.g. art raffles, yard/garage sales Benefit dinner Golf Tournament But its always important to diversify your fundraising methods Meetings Events, e.g. bridge, bingo, winetasting fundraisers, 50/50 draws

    Other Ideas:


  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Make it easy for them!

    Make it easy for people to make their donations.

    For instance, the on-line fundraising site, allows supportersto make their donations on line. An excellent idea!

    Your donors will be able to support you through theInternet and immediately receive their tax receipt.

    Think about chunking up your ask into pledges. Forexample, pledge $2 per hole

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    On-Line Fundraising is great wayto get startedThe site contains lots of info for

    you and your supporters, includingZacs story

    3 yr old Zac from Lwr Sackville hasbeen fighing cancer for about 2years. If he can find the courageto do battle every day, surely youand your network can find a wayto golf 100 holes and raise funds.

  • Fundraising Tips & Tricks

    Saying Thank You

    Theres no need for a fancy speech to sayThank you!

    Say it simply, respecting your donors orsponsors values and your own.

    Just say it!