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1. Historical InfluenceDating back to 3000 B. C.,we can see how historical events and technological advances have shaped the clothing we wear,the entertainment we enjoy,and ultimately the lifestyles we lead.Furniture styles and preferences are no different.Discover the transformation of furniture designs throughout history from3000 B. C. to present day. Ancient Egypt3000-2000 B. C.Claaracterizeb by: 0 Gaudy adornments and intricate,gold designs. 0 The Egyptians imported many of their woods from Syria,Lebanon,and Turkey. 0 The ornate carvings in the furniture were created using tools and techniques that are shockingly similar to what we use today. 0 The Pharaohs decorated furnishings were a stark contrast to the mundane simplicity of the furnishings for the average Egyptian. Claaracterizeb by: 0 Lavish opulence with flowery,natural designs. 0 This period is known as the rebirth of art and literature which erupted in Italy and spread throughout Europe. Each furniture piece was unique and became a tribute to the skills of the craftsman that created it. Characterizeb by: - Sturdy,sensible,wooden pieces with a utilitarian feel. was born from the influ- ence of the first. l3ll- Colonial style furniture Z U. S. immigrants. - The first American-made furniture piece was a thick wooden chest made in 1660 by Nicholas Disbrowe. Art Nuuvcau .lbw Claaracterizeb by: 0 Sweeping,natural lines and flat designs in wood and ironmaterials. 0 Art Nouveau,or new art in French,was founded in Paris and became known for its asymmetric,organiclines. 0 This furniture style was highly influence by the lithographs of Czechartist Alphonse Mucha. 1 925-1940E--4"! Glamorously fascinating pieces that have sense / and functionality. l __ .- Art Deco got its name,and its 'start,from the InternationalExhibition of Modern and industrial Decorative Arts,_ held in 1925 in Paris,France.----------------------- --Art Deco was considered extremely elegant,but over time it developed a stigma of false luxury and was discredited shortly after the start of WWII. . /llrulcrnCharacterizeb by: 0 Avant-garde simplicity and futuristic,geometric lines. 0 Modem style furniture came about post WWII,and used materials like laminated plywood,plastics,and fiberglass that were created during the war. The innovative novelty of this design was thought to be the marriage of technology andart. ll1 980-Present Characferizeb by:y :mm Minimalist yet swankyl pieces with sleek lines and Ejneutral tones. contemporary furniture design is to create practical pieces that efficiently meetfl3 The purpose behind' the needs of everyday life.l While the designs are chic and dapper,the contemporary movement is also geared towards making furniture that is affordable,attainable,and accessible. Brouglat to Q0069; Furniture